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August 15th 2018
Published: September 8th 2018
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Here we are, I'm flying on my own to the North, with a first stop of 48 hours in Lima. Let's put it simply, since my first visit back in 2002, I must have come between 15 and 20 times in Lima. I'm not a local, but it's not that far.

My friend has been living there for something looking like forever. He went from single, to married, and today they have two children. None of us are getting any younger!

Most tourists will stay 24 hours or even less in Lima while visiting Peru. The city is indeed not the best looking and can be also dangerous if you have no idea where you are heading. But Lima has something special, it is for me one of the world capital for food. This from top to bottom. They just have 2 restaurants in the current top 10 list! These have a huge waiting list, and let's be honest, I prefer my Peruvian food the traditional way.

So over the year, I've made friend with the friends of my friend...and yes, we eat and we drink a little. Actually, we spend our time doing only this!

Peru is all about Pisco and seafood! You start with a homemade pisco sour just after 12...than on to the local beer before finishing the afternoon with few chilcanos. You don't see it, it's already 9pm, and you realize that you are not 20 years old anymore. Yes, I cannot party anymore all day long and all night long, but I'm fine with it!

On our first lunch, we made our way to the historical district of Lima. Fifteen years ago this place use to be solid dangerous. Not a place to venture solo as a foreigner. But Lima and Peru has changed a lot. The country has experienced more than 10 years of continuous global economic growth. So the Historic center is today way safer than it was years ago, not a bad thing!

Don't ask me the name of the restaurant where we had lunch, I have no idea. What I know is that there was not a single tourist around. Next, we went from bar to bar....on a Monday afternoon , spending time with friends. It's some five years since my last visit to Lima, so we have a lot to catch up on!

The morning, I spent time going around, witnessing how fast buildings and shops have grown around the city. Big walks all around Miraflores while my friends are working, yes this happens too!

Next lunch, a classic, this time it's a more sober one, at Punto Azul. I love this place. They have all the main classics, tiraditos, ceviche, and arroz con Marriscos, pulpo a la plancha...simply magic...with a super nice passion fruit juice!

My flight was in the middle of the night, so that evening, I cooked! Not everybody is like me for this. Tagliettelle with a safran sauce, little slightly grilled baby carrots head of asparagus and some amazing local seafood. I wish we could have those fresh scallops in South Africa. We bought a Peruvian white wine, and I had brought with the the top bubbles from South Africa.

It was soon time to go back to the airport...I'm finally going back under water...but before this...a last pisco...or two...this is Lima, my Lima!

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8th September 2018
Downtown Lima....use to be seriously dangerous area...15 years ago at least!

Hello Christophe ! dis donc tu ressembles de plus en plus a ton papa !!!! cela m'amuse beaucoup de vous retrouver l'un dans l'autre !
14th July 2019

Thank you Pierre-Alexandre, I have just read this blog before travelling to Lima next week. It's been helpful in reminding me that it's worth staying there for a bit, off the beaten tourist track. The food looks wonderful 😊
14th July 2019

Hi Alex!
I've been over 20 times to Lima the last 20 years....the place has evolved big time. But still, I believe this is by far one of the best city in the world for food. I'm not even speaking of the latest world ranking of restaurants that I never experienced. To me, it's not about the stones in's about the plates....and the drinks...

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