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South America » Peru » Junin » La Merced April 8th 2018

I read this book the other day. It was written through the eyes of a fifteen year old autistic boy. It was interesting, because the writing style was so different. Like the writing style of a fifteen year old autistic boy. The style was something like this… We went for a trip to San Ramon on Semana Santa. Semana Santa is what the Peruvians call Easter. It is a very important holiday for Peruvians. My brother says everybody is on the road on Semana Santa. My brother chose San Ramon because everywhere was full already. But in San Ramon his institute has a guesthouse. It belongs to the field station and when staff from Lima come they can stay at the guesthouse. They also allow family of staff to stay there when it is not in ... read more
San Ramon
San Ramon
San Ramon

South America » Peru » Junin » Huancayo June 7th 2015

Overview – Volunteering Experience (2nd Month) Since the three guys have left the place, it has been quite in the house. I moved up to sleep on the second floor because the nights were getting colder and it was warmer in the room upstairs. NOTE: I watched many of the NHL playoff games as I missed hockey. Initially, I was watching the games on my phone. However, after a while, I couldn´t stream the games on my phone so I was going to an Internet place that was close to my house. It was so funny seeing the kids staring at me watching hockey as they probably never seen that in the life. Huari (May 2) On Sunday, I went with the girls (Stefany and Gwen) to a little village near Huancayo called Huari. If I ... read more
Huancavelica - Sunday Market
Gwen´s Going Away Party - Torta de Coco
Mothers´ Day - Pachamanca

South America » Peru » Junin » Huancayo May 9th 2015

Overview – Volunteering Experience So far, my volunteering experience is going pretty well. Initially, I was supposed to be on different projects, such as Microfinance and others. Due to circumstances, I ended up teaching English in an Elementary school for about 5 hours a day (2nd and 4th grades). With time, I got used to it and I like working with kids. However, I also realized that I am not very patient with them. As the kids didn’t really have any exposure to English language, I am pretty much teaching the same thing to both grades, and those things are very basic such as colors, greetings, etc. I have classes every day from 1pm to 6pm. My mornings are always the same: 1) Waking up at 7:30am (or earlier if one of the brothers put some ... read more
Traditional Dances
Preparing the ''Torta de Tres Leches''
''Torta de Tres Leches''

South America » Peru » Junin April 16th 2015

Here are some photos to enjoy... read more

South America » Peru » Junin » Huancayo April 11th 2015

Our last few weeks in Huancayo were very busy. Teaching took most of the weekdays, and exploration took the weekends. We visited Wari ruins, that pre-date the Incas, climbed to about 5100meters on Huaytapallana, a mountain with a glacier, and took the train to Huacavallica. Now we are in Huaraz, another town high in the Andes, circled by huge craggy mountains covered in snow and glaciers. Mountaineering folks from around the world come here. Unfortunately, our first couple of days were pretty raining, so we don't have the best of photos to show. On our big climb on Huaytapallana, the breathing got pretty laboured. I had the most trouble, working hard just to breathe OUT! I also fell and wrecked my baby finger on my right hand pretty badly, cuts, sprained and sore. Spectacular mountain though. ... read more

South America » Peru » Junin » Huancayo March 25th 2015

We continue to teach, at a fairly organized primary school. Each of us teaches 3 classes a day, and together we cover all 42 classes in the entire place! And we have heard there will be 2 volunteers when we leave, so that´s great. We got to a local dance festival and they didn´t want us to watch, we were all pulled in. Amazingly, Dave is the one who did the most animated dancing, they put a vest and hat on him, and told him to kick up his heels! We are tired of seeing the sick scrawny dogs everywhere, and the occassional dead dog as well. Really time for Peru to address this problem. We also see a fair number of hairless dogs , and they seem well cared for. We took a bus trip ... read more

South America » Peru » Junin » Huancayo August 16th 2014

We stepped into the courtyard and straight into the heart of a little family business. And it was more heart than business. On a low bench along a wall a young man sat pencilling designs on small rounded tan-coloured gourds. Two young women next to him, carving out his drawings, using nothing more than a nail sharpened to a point. I noticed the plasters wound around finger tips; saw the concentration on their faces and felt their cameraderie as they worked together, chatting, smiling, laughing. Standing, a few meters away, a world unto himself, worked Pedro Veli, the master. A little padded bib hung over his chest, he peered over his glasses and worked steadily. On his gourd there was no pencil drawing. His image came from memory, from imagination, from life, from himself. He carves ... read more

South America » Peru » Junin » Huancayo July 27th 2013

Une aventure se termine mais voila qu'une autre commence....! Je suis deja a la moitier de mon voyage mais j'ai encore un mois pour parcourir en itinerance le sud du Perou, depuis Jauja (l'association humanitaire) jusqu'a la Paz en Bolivie, avant de remonter au Perou pour faire le Machu Pichu. En quelques etapes, je vais d'abord a Huacavelica (toujours dans la montagne) puis Paracas et les iles Balestas, Huancachina (une oasis pres d'Ica), puis Arequipa et son canyon le plus profond du monde (Pas celui de Colca!), le lac Titicaca, la Paz en Bolivie, puis Cuzco avec le Machu Pichu et la vallee sacree! Tout cela en un mois! Mais je compte vraiment prendre le temps au gres des rencontres... Depuis Jauja, j'ai commence mon mois d'itinerance avec les 3 autres volontaires de mon association: Romane, ... read more
En route pour Huancavelica
De belles rencontres
Nos amis peruviens ^^

South America » Peru » Junin » Huancayo July 26th 2013

Me voila partie pour ma derniere semaine dans l'ecole d'INICUDE a Jauja. La fete nationale etant le 28 Juillet au Perou, l'ecole dans laquelle je suis participe cette semaine pour cette occasion, au grand defile des ecoles des alentours de Jauja. Une marche impressionnante d'enfants entre 4 et 18 ans qui defilent aux pas militaires, les jambes hautes, le dos droit et les bras tendus. Impressionant! D'abord j'ai assiste au chant de l'hymne national du perou, par toute la population, debout, la main sur le coeur... Cela ne laisse pas indifferent de voir des gens fiers de leur pays et qui essaient de se raccrocher a quelque chose finalement, a appartenir a une unite... Apres le chant de l'hymne national, j'ai assiste aux defiles de beaucoup d'enfants, les tous petits de 4 ans d'abord, puis les ... read more
Hymne national du perou
Debut du defile

South America » Peru » Junin July 20th 2013

Me voila de nouveau en vadrouille pour un autre week end durant ma mission humanitaire. Cette fois-ci direction la "Merced", toujours dans la region de Junin mais dans la jungle ! Guides par un ami peruvien qui vit las-bas, j'ai pu decouvrir avec les autres volontaires de l'association, des paysages d'asie au coeur de reliefs impressionnants. Jusqu'a 1500m d'altitude, j'ai pu decouvrir l'immensite de champs de palmiers, d'orangers ainsi que des champs de cafe ! Cela fait vraiment du bien de retrouver de la chaleur, de jour comme de nuit. Cela est tellement appreciable apres avoir connu la fraicheur des andes. C'est le moment de sortir mon maillot de bain et short, surement la seule fois :) Jim, qui vit dans la ville nommee "La Merced", nous a fait decouvrir sa jungle de jour, comme de ... read more
Visite d'une fabrique de jus de canne a sucre
Les panchitos !
La selva

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