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February 4th 2012
Published: February 6th 2012
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Sleeping on the beach
The earth moved for us last night - only an aftershock from the recent earthquake but it was strange and (Jo thought slighly scary) to feel the ground rumbling when you are lying on it!

Got up early and packed up the tents (Jo does not like camping!!). We were then shown by Dave how to pack it up properly. We probably only got a four out of ten but at least it all fitted into its sack and if necessary, we can avoid that particular tent next time (which Jo is pleased to say wont be for some time).

Drove for a 10 kms to the pre Inca Cemetary which was really interested. We had an English speaking guide who explained the history of the Nazca people (who are long gone) and showed us the graves with extremely well preserved mummies (hair and teeth, clothes and even skin on some of them) which stayed preserved due to the fact that this is one of the driest deserts in the world although the water table is underneath.

Got back on the bus and drove to a beachside camp site roughly 250 kms towards Arequipa - Puerto Inca - on the beach. The group made a joint effort for a barbecue and our drivers sorted out the fire for it. We really ate well as we had each chosen our piece of meat either in the market or the supermarket the day before and there were salads to accompany them. We all decided that we couldnt be bothered with tents and would sleep under the stars in our sleeping bags with just a mat. (Jo's sleeping bag is too warm!!) There were good shower and toilet facilities which we had access to but suspect they were not used in the middle of the night!! One of our group wandered off for a week without a torch and was 'freaked out' because he couldn´t find his way back..... possibly too much alcohol didn´t help him!

Some of the group went for a swim on arrival but the waves were too large to swim properly and there was quite a strong undertow. We wandered off up the cliff to Inca ruins as this was one of the main fishing ports in Incan times. We found our way to the sacrificial altar area and the view across the bays were stunning.


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