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December 17th 2007
Published: May 28th 2008
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WOW!! What an incredible alumni letter/newsletter.....I wanted to pass this on and share this with all of you who have followed my volunteering efforts with this incredible organization since its inception --when we were known as Hands On Thailand (I still have one of the original shirts!). Many of you on my "email blast list" are past or current volunteers, so just in case you did not receive this email, I am passing it on to you as well.

Oh, and click on the newsletter link as well. Yours truly is featured in three of the photos:
1. Pouring cement into the irrigation canal in Ramadilla, near Con Con (I was the first to try out the new "ramp" as we were finishing up this section of canal). My backside is to the camera.

2. Group photo under the HODR banner (I am under the "ter" of the word Disaster, the one with the braids)

3. The photo near the bottom of the newsletter, along with my volunteer friend Stephanie and local friend Breaseth. What a cutie, eh?

Enjoy the following........and Happy Holidays to everyone!!


READ ON........................

Hi ,

This holiday season I would like to say, "Thank you" for all your time, incredible efforts and generous support. We wouldn't be able to do any of the relief work that we do if it wasn't for volunteers like you. You have been able to take part in efforts that most people only "wish" they could do - you make it possible for communities to prosper again, homes and schools to be rebuilt, and for livelihoods to be restored.

Many of you have volunteered with us and know us as Hands On USA, Hands On Thailand, or Hands On Disaster Response. And you know that we are trying to establish a new model of volunteerism. I think we're being very successful in helping victims of natural disasters and the number of alumni returning again and again to work with us shows that you do too!

As you know HODR has been busy over the last three months continuing our major volunteer project in Pisco, Peru to provide relief for earthquake survivors while assessing several other disasters, including the California wildfires and the massive flooding in Tabasco, Mexico. What you probably don't know is that we have spent about $100,000 in Peru and have only received donations for $15,000.

I would also like to announce to you that we have decided to open a second project in Bangladesh to help people recover from Cyclone Sidr that killed over 3,500 and extensively damaged at over 1 million homes, businesses, and schools. This will be the first time we have had two operations underway at the same time. We expect to spend over $100k there and this is our first request for donations.

Please think of HODR when you plan your holiday gift giving this season. I also hope that you give your friends personal testimony about HODR and your experience with us. Gifts of any amount are appreciated, but keep in mind that we will need tens of thousands of dollars just to fund the work in Peru and Bangladesh. You can contribute to us by clicking on the " Donate Now" tab at www.HODR.org and please pass this letter onto your friends and employers.

Also, please check out our first ever newsletter with updates on Peru and our announcement on Bangladesh. Click here to read the newsletter. We'd appreciate hearing from you with comments and suggestions on what you want to see and hear.

Happy Holidays! We hope you volunteer with us again soon.

David Campbell
Executive Director


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