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February 5th 2017
Published: February 5th 2017
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I haven't been very loyal to my blog. Sorry, to much to do. It seems the more you learn, the less you know, this certainly applies to learning about Peru. I've searched my soul, dug deep to understand my attraction to this South American country. The beauty of course, the wonderful, accepting people but it's more than that, the language with a creative, romantic edge. Spanish, especially Castellano gives the speaker the ability to be creative in the delivery of his speech. The listener is treated to romantic to angry sounds almost like a song. With English we speak very direct, not a lot left to speculate on. Spanish leaves areas of reflection and interpretation, it seems to create a romantic aura. I'll leave this to the linguist, this is just my take on language.

OK, let's go to Paracus! Paracus is about 125 miles south of Lima, the drive is beautiful with heart break, wonder and what to *&@#. The drive is on the Pan Americana, a modern four to six lane highway to Ica and beyond. Check the pictures out. I'm going to post pictures of Paracus first as I took most of the pictures of the drive going back to Lima. I will publish this before all the pictures are uploaded, be sure to check back later. Off the coast of Paracus is several islands with penguins, sea lions and thousands of birds. I took a charter boat to see this wonder, spectacular! I did not take my camera, I was told the water would be splashing in the boat, the pictures are taken with my phone. Sorry.

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Ballestas IslandsBallestas Islands
Ballestas Islands

This is my favorite picture of the Islands.

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