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November 28th 2009
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Rich red sand, brilliant blue water, and crisp white watery crashing waves.
After engaging in a heated debated about the entrance fee (which we were told was included in the price of our tour but was not), we boarded a minivan and set off to visit Paracas National Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Natural Site and one of the richest ecosystems in the world. It's here that the landscape of parched, barren desert greets the brilliant blue Pacific ocean with a loving embrace, providing homes and sanctuaries for a wide variety of animal and plant life. The dramatic scenery is formed with stunning natural rock formations, red sand beaches, and cliffs that simply beg for attention. We were awestruck. These photos just don't do the place justice. b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

The first stop was a tourist center/museum and observation point where pink flamingos can be seen...if you have a telescope. Then we drove to the coast to soak in the view. Just look at the photos, this place is gorgeous! We took a pleasant walk along the beach, re-entered the van, and headed off to the final stop, a seaside restaurant that served expensive yet delicious ceviche (bill for two was 65s/$21.67).

If that sounds like a quick tour, well, it was. It lasted about 3 hours, with over an hour spent at the restaurant. There may not be much to do here, but it's so beautiful that it would be a shame to not see it if you're in the area.

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Former sight of "The Cathedral"Former sight of "The Cathedral"
Former sight of "The Cathedral"

But the 2007 earthquake destroyed it.
Far, far off in the distance are flamingosFar, far off in the distance are flamingos
Far, far off in the distance are flamingos

We could barely see them in person. Can't go beyond the sign. GRR.

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18th February 2010

Paracas National Reserve
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