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January 4th 2011
Published: January 7th 2011
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As advised by Julio (956470483 we got up early for breakfast so it settled before the flight (we were fine but I heard a few losing theirs). Off to the little airport to find only 2 companies open and quite a few disgruntled tourists (a couple of Aussie lads who'd been waiting for 3 hrs already). We watched a doco on the lines that is on constant loop, wandered around the stalls where Tasha bought a cute 10 sole t-shirt and were lucky enough to catch the last flight of the day. We were up the front of the 12 seat plane, I could have reached out and touched the instrument panel over the pilots shoulder. The geoglyphs were amazing to see and as each one came into view everyone got a little excited (can you see the monkey? omg can you see that one? look at those lines and shapes!). The flight was great fun (like a rollercoaster ride) and really interesting and the bilingual commentary from the copilot was excellent (we went with AeroDiana). Ours was the last flight of the day as the winds were picking up.

We headed out to Chauchilla burial site and got sand blasted (the wind was creating a sandstorm - visibility on the ground was poor so can see why they stopped the flights) to see mummified corpses, dessicated by the dry heat and so well preserved that hair and fingernails still there.

Later in the day we visited aqueducts at Cantalloc. The Nazca created over 50 and around 18 are still used today they have spiralling ramps to access the water, very impressive.

As you come to the Panamerican highway heading out of Nazca toward Cusco (also the way to Cantalloc) a massive Incan site, Paradones, half destroyed by the highway is also worth investigating - you can just stroll over.

For comprehensive info and great pics of all things Nazca try -

Off to the Sacred Valley then MachuPichu.

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