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February 3rd 2012
Published: February 6th 2012
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Nazca linesNazca linesNazca lines

From the rickety viewing platform......
Moved on from Huacachina after yet another wander around the lake. Hung around for those that sand buggied to return and have breakfast and showers and left around 9.30 am. Drove to a local market in Ica. The route was a little circuitous due to the recent earthquake which had broken a few sewers. Wasn´t us that blocked the toilets this time!! Shopped in groups of 4/5 to buy food for two to three meals over the next couple of days. Ed and I were in separate groups. It is really hard to calculate the precise quantities when cooking for 20 with a certain amount to spend (which came from the communal kitty). My knowledge of Spanish vocabulary is improving daily but Ed can still only say his name...... which is not particularly useful at the local market. Pointing and holding up fingers for the quantities seemed to work ok.

Drove on to Nazca. Stopped off on the way for lunch - bread rolls. cheese and ham and a wee behind a dirt ditch then carried on to a viewing platform for part of the Nazca lines. The viewing platform was roughly 40 ft high and only 10 people were
A local marketA local marketA local market

Buying lunch
allowed up it at once due to its fairly fragile construction. Anyone afraid of heights would not have liked it as it was somewhat exposed and really just iron steps with a rail on either side. Not really much to see. We were offered a flight over the lines by an independent travel agent but no-one wished to do this due to the number of fatal accidents over the past few years, despite assurance that everything was now 100% safe.....

Stopped at a couple of drink kiosks to stock up on some alcohol or soft drinks to go with supper over the next two nights´camping. Having purchased our iced tea and local wine, we turned around only to see the bus disappearing into the distance down the road. It did eventually stop as obviously someone realised that there were two missing. Fortunately we didn´t have to walk to the camp site and there is now a fail-safe in place to prevent similar incidences. The camp site is in the grassy grounds of a small hotel and we had a lesson in putting the tents up. It was easy enough but the weather is warm and had it been raining and cold, it might have been a different story.

Swim in the pool followed by supper prepared by Ed´s group. Ed made guacamole for 20 with doritos and sweet potato chips and everyone praised his culinary skills. This was followed by pasta with vegetables which was fresh and healthy. Hope I sleep OK in the tent! Somewhat surprised to have internet here hence this blog....

Happy Birthday Emma - it´s still the 3rd here!


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