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July 16th 2011
Published: July 18th 2011
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Now bus bound, i took the 13 hour night bus to Nazca from Cusco arriving at around 5:30am the following day. I reassembled my bike and headed to the hostel to try and get a room. Luckily it wasn't too bad getting the bike on the bus, just had to take the front wheel off and turn the handlebars round and pay an extra 30 soles. At the hostel i booked a flight over the Nazca lines for that morning. It's not cheap at 100USD for a 30 min flight but something i definitely wanted to do while in Peru!

The flight was in a 5 seater plane with two pilots who take you on a route around all the markings and point out each of them on the way. Luckily we had a really clear day so all the lines were easy to see, it's pretty incredible the size of some of them and just how many there are. In the evening i went to a show at a planetarium which explained some of the theories of the lines and why they were made, although they don't know for sure.

The next day was a 2.5 hour bus journey to Ica and then i got back on my bike for the brief 5km ride to Huacachina. Huacachina is an oasis in the desert, with a lagoon surrounded by sand dunes. It's an awesome place to go sandboarding or take a trip on a sand buggy so i did a sand buggy trip that afternoon. Was really good fun and the driver was getting some serious speed down some of the dunes!

Next stop Lima!

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