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South America » Peru » Ica » Ica February 22nd 2013

After 12 hours on the majestic Cruz del Sur we arrived in Ica. In a reckless display of organisational prowess we booked our bus to Arequipa allowing one afternoon and one full day and night in Ica. This was the first time that we had been even remotely organised and bitter irony ensured that it was a massive error. We had an exceptional time in Ica and definitely would have stayed for longer. In these two days it rose up the table with ease to claim the number one spot of our Peruvian destinations to date. We stayed at Ica Wasi Hospedaje, a fairly new hostel with the incredibly friendly and over exuberant owner Giancarlo. His enthusiasm was such that he was bordering on the maniacal at times but we loved him regardless. On the first ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Ica December 31st 2012

So we got on another overnight sleeper bus, this time with a company called Cruz del Sur, and OMG was this a plush ride with a steward to see to your needs, blanket and lumbar pillow provided and a nearly fully reclining seat that´s extra wide and extra cushie. Even Demi slept through the night! Woke up at the bus stop in Nazca at 7am and caught a cab. The cabbie insisted we go to the official overflight booking office, after we specifically requested he take us directly to the airport, which turned out to be a small hostal right around the corner where his buddy shows up with a worn paper folder and insists that he is ¨the official coordinator for Nazca line overflights¨. Even told us that the airport was closed until 9am. Well ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Ica July 8th 2011

We left Huacachina on the 6th to head for Arequipa. When we arrived back in Ica to book our bus ticket for that night, the bus had already sold out. So we were going to be stuck in Ica for the rest of the day and most of the next, as it is an overnight bus to Arequipa. So we found a hostel off Tacna that had the water pressure of a leaky faucet and gave me the creeps because I was pretty sure we were the only people staying there... Still pretty sure we were. Our initial plan was to head down to the Plaza de Armas and walk around looking for a hostel but our cabbie informed us that if we don't drop our bags first, we will be robbed. So after dropping our ... read more
Ica Plaza de Armas
Streets of Ica
Yummy coconut cookie

South America » Peru » Ica » Ica February 24th 2011

The day started out so great. Beautiful sand dunes surrounding a lush oasis. We had climbed one of the dunes the night before to watch the sunset and overlook the oasis' swaying palm trees. Then being the knucklehead I am, I had to go and ruin it all. In the morning I managed to forget our only ATM card in the machine where I withdrew some cash. It would be one thing if I discovered this right away but nooooooooo, I figured it out after a few hours of grueling mountain driving. Well, we had to go back. On the way back, a loud pop and the clutch pedal dropped to the floor and the car came to a halt in the middle of the desert. Fun times. I got out the repair manual and no ... read more
Making sure cars didn't hit us!
Clutch cables rarely what?
Enjoying the dunes the night before.

South America » Peru » Ica » Ica November 23rd 2010

So Serenom sme sa den predtym dohodli na odchode okolo 10 a tak sme v dohodnuty cas nasadli aj s vecami do jeho dodavky a vyrazili. Cesta do Ici trvala nieco vyse hodinky a Seren od nas na konci nic nechcel, ale my sme mu nejake peniaze na benzin aj tak dali. Hostel sme nasli bez problemov a dokonca mal aj poriadne teplu vodu co sa nestava prilis casto. Hned sme vyrazili do Huacachiny, je to oaza blizko Ici a volakedy to byvalo vyhlasene miesto pre peruansku smotanku v 40tych rokoch. Voda z laguny ma vraj liecive ucinky, ale ako postupne vysychal jej pramen, vysychal aj priliv bohatych navstevnikov a slava oasy postupne upadala. Dnes je to vyhlasene miesto pre party chtivych turistov. Cela laguna je obklopena obrovskymi dunami a tak jedna z hlavnych atrakcii je ... read more
surfovanie na piesku/ sandboarding

South America » Peru » Ica » Ica July 12th 2010

We have been in South America for two weeks now, and I'm seriously running late on blogging. There are two very simple reasons for this, first we are having the time of our life...and uploading pictures may not be the priority...second, we are in places which have very slow, or simply not connectivity, and being on the road does not stop me to work online, therefore putting work before blogging, sorry for this. So, we went out of Lima for three days. the full three days with Christophe, and part of it with Pello, Guille, Caroline and some more peruvian friends. Belive it or not, I may have been to Peru more than twelve times, I never saw the Nazca job done. After a very short night...way too much pisco for me...we were on for ... read more
Islas Ballestas
Ready to tour Nazca lines
Huacachina oasis after sunset

South America » Peru » Ica » Ica May 5th 2010

Alright fellow jokers, I am Herqueque, the most mediocre chef in the Amazons! What is goin on? Sorry for that uninformative emo bullshit last time, not that much happened. But anyway got back from Ica and it was incredible. Boats are fun, small bumpy airplanes are fun, dune buggies are fun! Gives me something to which to look forward. When I return to this country with the Jesuits I know exactly where were goin. I still don’t get what the Nazca lines are for, theres not water beneath them, they aren’t star maps, I don’t really care why they’re there: they look cool, the plane ride was great and I got a book of jokes in Spanish: that’s what really matters. The Islas Ballestas were great too, they smelled really bad but it was worth it ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Ica April 4th 2010

the ride from cuzco to lima started off like any other 23hr bus ride i presume, boring long and full of stinky foreign people... me being one of them. About 12 hours into the trip the bus pulled over to the side of the road to restock on water. during this time the bus was shut off, so with it being 36 degrees outside got very hot and sweaty very quickly. The attendant for our bus ride opened the over head port hole windows to let in a bit more air for the passengers which was greeted by a sigh of releif by all. Until a few minutes later when we pulled away from our stop to hear a huge crunching sound followed by a few big bangs and sparks flying outside of the bus. no ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Ica January 16th 2010

We made it to Ica on January 12th. Ica is surrounded by vineyards and sand dunes. The view of the surroundings was vast and extraordinary. We were told the dunes stretch up to 50 kilometers (30 miles) to the Pacific and are said to be the largest sand dunes in the world; seriously impressive. We stayed at the Hotel Las Dunas. Our room was $100 USD per night. Yes the rate was costly, but the amenities and convenience was well worth it. The hotel is a family resort and includes swimming pools, a water slide, live nightly shows, horses, a planetarium, dune buggies, sand boarding, access to tour excursions, tennis, racquetball, two bars, an oversized chess board (the chess pieces were two ft tall), shuffle board, mini golf, skate ramp, bicycles, daycare, and fantastic buffets. On ... read more
Hotel Las Dunas
Nazca Hummingbird
riding horses in the dunes

South America » Peru » Ica » Ica November 10th 2009

Yesterday was the Nazca Lines. The day before we had travelled from Arequipa to Lima by plane and with delays, etc we did not arrive at our hotel in Lima until 9.00pm. Yesterday morning we were up early to catch the 7.00am coach to Ica. Very security minded as after searching our bags and body the security people took a video of every passenger. Must have a problem with hijacking coaches over here!!!! The coach was very comfortable but had to resort to listening to my IPod to block out the dreadful background music that was being played. Does anybody enjoy listening to this intrusive sound? The coach trip to Ica lasted 4.5 hours and the further out we got from Lima there was a noticeable decrease in the standard of buildings and their surroundings. From ... read more
On board the plane
The Nazco Lines

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