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May 22nd 2007
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Typical views on a bus journey in PeruTypical views on a bus journey in PeruTypical views on a bus journey in Peru

Small desert shacks. It must be a very hard life.
After Lima was a four hour journey south to Ica for sampling the local wine and Pisco brandy, sand boarding and dune buggy riding. Ica and a close by town of Huacachina are an oasis in the middle of the desert and don’t offer too much apart from the various alcohol.

The wine was piss poor and I didn’t think too much of the pisco, surprisingly Michelle loved the Pisco brandy but only straight, such a piss can! The best part of the town for me was the sand boarding, I have never been snow boarding before which it’s supposed to be very similar to, so didn’t know what to expect! We both loved it and had a good laugh! The only problem was clambering back up the sand dune afterwards which was very hard. 1 step forward and 2 back! We were both knackered at the end of it but the going down bit was worth it!

We missed out on the sand buggy riding as a coach load of American tourist arrived just before we arrived and we couldn’t be bothered waiting and listening to the noise of them all, in a space of a few minutes
Pisco BodegaPisco BodegaPisco Bodega

Pisco is Peru´s national drink and this is one of the many places it is made.
we heard “oh my god” a few to many times!

The only other highlight in Ica was the Museum which housed lots of different mummified bodies and skeletons. The weird ones were the mummies with deformed heads, they were made this way from birth by tying bits of wood and bandages to push the skull into a cone shape and they looked very similar to Alien cone heads! Nobody really knows why they choose to do this but adds to the alien conspiracy theories that are around this area! The only other theory they have is that it was to distinguish the higher from the lower classes as most of the skulls found had some valuable objects with them.

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Sand Dunes, HuacachinaSand Dunes, Huacachina
Sand Dunes, Huacachina

Scene out of star wars, walking on the dunes!
Sand Dunes, HuacachinaSand Dunes, Huacachina
Sand Dunes, Huacachina

Oasis in the middle of the desert.
Freaky Palm TreeFreaky Palm Tree
Freaky Palm Tree

Apparantly one of the oldest in Peru, a seven headed palm tree all from only one root!

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