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South America » Peru » Ica » Ballestas Islands April 11th 2016

"La vérité, toute la vérité, rien que la vérité : je le jure !" Après avoir quitté San Perdo d'Atacama par un bus de nuit, j'arrive à Arica à 6h30. J'attends que le guichet de la compagnie qui assure la liaison ouvre et prends le premier bus pour Putre. On ne peut pas dire que ce soit un bus à touristes, on est deux blancs au total. Il faut dire que Putre est loin de tout et que depuis Atacama la grande majorité des voyageurs gagnent la Bolivie par le salar d'Uyuni. On arrive donc à Putre et on se retrouve les deux blancs côte à côte dans la rue. _« Do you speak english ? » je demande à mon voisin. En cherchant un peu ses mots il me dit que non pas beaucoup. _ ... read more
parc de lauca
alpagas, parc de lauca
salar de surire

South America » Peru » Ica » Ballestas Islands April 10th 2013

10/04 to 11/04/13: Pisco and the Ballestas islands Pisco has been badly touched by the 2007 earthquake and the re-build just started. One can still witness broken homes, empty spaces, and left cathedral. The main cathedral on the main Plaza is still there but a new church has been build next to it. The town itself offers nothing to the tourist but travel agencies will sell you half-day tour to the islands Ballestas part of the Paracas Reserve Park. On a 2 hours boat ride, you will see the Paracas Candelabra, also called the Candelabra of the Andes, is a well-known prehistoric geoglyph - created on the sand by the Paracas people more than 2000 year ago. Like the Nasca Lines, there is a lot of theories about the meaning of the sign. On the rocks, ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Ballestas Islands October 1st 2012

The first blog of our trip around Peru is in Huacachina, a natural oasis in the Peruvian desert. Due to a monumental cock up with our travel agent we arrived in Peru a day late and instead of spending a day in Lima we went straight from Lima airport to Huacachina in a car, in total 28 hours of travelling door to door. When we arrived at our hotel it was nearly midnight and we were both so exhausted we decided to ignore the loud music from the club next door. After a terrible sleep due to the music and long journey plus jet lag we had to get up at 5am for our first excursion. The music in the club next door was still playing when we were waiting to be picked up outside our ... read more
Birds overhead
The pool at our hotel
A big yawn

South America » Peru » Ica » Ballestas Islands March 20th 2012

We left Lima in the Dragoman truck, drove down to Paracas, then sailed for a couple of hours around the Ballestas Islands, they are called the "poor mans Galapagos" - they're pretty good for wildlife though, hundreds of sealions, penguins, and more birds in one place than Ive seen anywhere before. The Islands are also mine for their guano every few years, its a great fertiliser - not a job I would fancy though. After lunch we headed into the sand dunes, most of the west coast of south america is desert, certainly in Peru. We went on dune buggies which was like a roller coaster ride, then laid on a snowboar type thing and slid down the sand dunes. I only did the first one, to say Id done it - a few people did ... read more
boat around the islands

South America » Peru » Ica » Ballestas Islands January 14th 2012

Morning seemed to follow the night before with indecent haste, as I rolled over to turn off my alarm. Although I'd gone to bed early last night, I still felt exhausted and longed for the comfort of my own bed. Having showered, I dragged my bags outside to pack them, not wanting to wake the other people in my dorm and sat at the bar to await my transfer to Paracas. At 6.30am I was beckoned to the front gate of the hostel where I was met by Willy, the driver on my private transfer. Once I had slung my heavy bags into the boot of his taxi, I climbed on to the back seat and we made our way out of town and back towards Ica. We were joined on the journey by Willy's brother ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Ballestas Islands October 27th 2011

The Ballestas Islands are in Peru, so here is a poem just for you. Many strange birds this day were seen, don’t know all names but some were green. To go to islands you need a boat, the driver was human not a goat. Sorry about the previous line, but sometimes you need words that rhyme. For months the bird we had wanted to view, without resorting to going to a zoo, was the humble penguin small and fair, and on these islands we saw them there. Black and white and full of fun, Cavorting merrily in the sun. Not alone were our feathered friends. The rocks were packed from end to end. Cormorants, terns and pelicans too, only just to name a few. A condor or two would soar in the sky, Though the penguins ... read more
attractive lfejackets
G ignores dangers
a pelican - they are damn big birds

South America » Peru » Ica » Ballestas Islands August 6th 2011

As Eoghan, Heather, Rachael, Fiona and I were leaving Ica all bound for Lima we decided to all make a stop for Paracas national Park & Ballestas Islands, in Pisco. It was sorta on the way. We left Huachina pretty early, like 6.30 am with all our stuff, which was pretty difficult for me and Eoghan as our hostel appeared to turn into a rave on a friday night until about 3am. We were going there with the promise of penguins and sea lions so we were all piled on a boat when we got there with enthusiasm. We were also with an Irish lad Darren, who stayed at our hostel in Hucachina. We were on the boat for a while and seen some sea lions on the way out. The islands themselves aren't anything special ... read more
Eoghan loves the open sea
Ballestas Islands
Sea lions on the island

South America » Peru » Ica » Ballestas Islands July 8th 2011

Today we made our journey to Paracas in luxury!! OMG we thought we were coming to Peru to slum it!! We booked the bus very quickly this morning (to get out of Lima as fast as we could) and headed of to the seemingly most dangerous bus station ever. Well it wasn´t. It was the nicest bus station we´ve ever seen, a bit like an airport. Plus Kevin got the nicest steak stir fry in the world. Much to his delight!!! As you can imagine! Our bus arrived and we stepped into what looked like something from the Orient Express! Never experienced comfort like it. And after what we saw in Lima, we were expecting a rusty old 8 seater VW with the exhaust hanging off. We put the recliners back and the foot rests up ... read more

South America » Peru » Ica » Ballestas Islands June 14th 2011

A 3am start to arrive for the Isla Ballestas trip at 8am! The staff in our hotel were kind enought to get breakfast for us, including fried eggs. A lot of farming can be seen on the way down the coast...all irrigated. They raise chooks on the beach. The towns are untidy and dusty and many of the buildings sprout long lengths of reo. (This was a very common sight in our travels) A fast boat takes us out to Isla Ballestas, rocky islands with caves, birds, penguins and seals. On the way out we see some old carvings in the hard slopes about 180m long and 50cms deep...been there well over 150 yrs but no one knows what they are or who did them. Because it NEVER rains, marks last a long time. Water comes ... read more
ancient carvings in the sand
Isla Ballestas
Isla Ballestas

South America » Peru » Ica » Ballestas Islands April 11th 2011

Sunday 10 April – Pisco We had only 1 night in Pisco. It’s very much a tourist place as it has an amazing oasis in the middle of the desert. This morning we had to get up early as we were boarding a boat which took us to Islas Ballestas, about 30 minutes from the Port of Pisco. These islands were known by the locals as ‘The Galapagos of Peru’. We have never seen so much bird life in one spot. There were many islands just covered with boobies, gulls, pelicans, red-chested and ordinary cormorants and penguins. There was one island ½ covered by penguins. We also saw a stack of sea lions, including big bulls and babies. We saw a mother sea lion with a little baby swimming on her back. The boat circled many ... read more
Tambo Colorado Hotel
The entry jetty for Islas Ballestas
Pisco Port

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