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November 14th 2012
Published: December 3rd 2012
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After a sound sleep, we were expected to leave early again. I had a light breakfast, a little toast with sugar and some thee. The only thing I can keep down.

Early on on our walk, we encounter Runkurakay, a very nice half circle Inca ruins of a fort of sorts. Later on the trail we see some other architectural beauties of the Incas.

My stomage is playing tricks on me. I feel very tense and eating become almost impossible, even the small bites of a power bar cause me troubles. The way goes up and down and stairs are everywhere. I have reduced my 30-50 steps between breaks to 15-20 steps. Fortunately the overall tendency is going down, which is slightly easier, than going up, although not by much.

After a day that in my book lasted forever, we arrived at our last camp WiƱah Wayna, where I lay down as soon as I can.

This is the last night on the Trail and an important night for the porters, since they receive their gratuity for their services. The cook has made us a cake....

Although my mind and stomach are not really into a celebration, I stay around and participate in the activities. The only thing really going down well is a bit of whiskey that Mauricio has brought with him.


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