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April 1st 2015
Published: April 26th 2015
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Hola everyone hope you all are doing well. Right now we are in a place called Cusco this is a city with rich history about the city and the Inca's. The city is out side of Mach Picchu. Cuzco is actually at a higher altitude then Machu Picchu. Cuzco has many museums and in the Sacred Valley one of the ruins that we went to was called Pisac this ruin was my favorite because it had all these Incan tombs that had the skeletons of the Incan's in them. There were tombs at the top and the bottom the reason why they were in different places on the side of the mountain is because of social status if you were at the top you were probably near royalty but if you were near the bottom you were probably not even close to royalty. Some of the Incan adults who had children would send them to be sacrificed them. I know this sounds like a stupid idea but they believed the higher you got they would think that you were getting closer to God.

In Cusco there were lots of museums my favorite museum was the chocolate museum it was really cool I learned that Peru grow the best organic coca trees and makes the most organic chocolate. We got to do a chocolate making course it was really cool. We got to learn the history and best of all we got to make the chocolate from scratch.



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