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November 3rd 2011
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It is nice to be finally blogging from Peru! It was a very long journey but I did eventually make it. My flights all went to plan which was very nice although the zip of my rucksack did break in madrid meaning I had to carry it like a football for the rest of the trip. A bit of a faff but oh well. When I did get to Cusco we drove to Urumbamba to drop of a different volunteer which I thick is further from pisac than cusco but never mind. The drive was actually quite fun. Got to see some of the spectacular building and scenery in Peru. I have not taken many photos yet but I have plenty of time for that. Took a couple from the plane but you can't see much. The family I am staying with are very nice although I am struggling to understand all of what they say. I went to bed about 8 local time because I was so tired from my journey. Watched about half of dumbo this morning with a small peruvian child. The food has been very nice so far though which is a big plus. Today I went to look at one of the football camps I will be helping with. It was in pisac just 5 minutes up the road by some strange 3 wheeled vehicle. I'm glad I don't need to drive here. People just sort of drive randomly. Our driver from the airport used his horn about hundred times for just about anything - when he was angry when he was overtaking or for warning people, dogs or cows of our presence. Anyway the football camp was really nice. They use the grounds of a local hotel. The kids here the best players from the area and stay in a boarding school playing football in the morning a doing classes in the afternoon. Some of them were pretty good. The coach was some mad italian guy but he seemed pretty friendly on the whole 😊 I just watched today and had a look around. I am going to cusco tomorrow to help coach there. Enjoying a hot chocolate somewhere in pisac at the moment. Looking forward to exploring it more. Hasta luego. (see you later)


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