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May 20th 2013
Published: November 26th 2013
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At the end of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, lies Ollantaytambo, a travelers' dream. Small and peaceful, with only 2000 people, it lies along two rivers and is tucked between mountains covered with Incan ruins. The old town is unique--the best preserved, still-inhabited Incan city with its original layout, stone walls and houses, and cobbled streets with their water canals. Truly a walk back in t... Read Full Entry

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Platform of the Carved SeatPlatform of the Carved Seat
Platform of the Carved Seat

at ceremonial site, next to Sun Temple Wall
granaries at the archaeological sitegranaries at the archaeological site
granaries at the archaeological site

one thatched as it was originally
secrets of the Incassecrets of the Incas
secrets of the Incas

What were those long notches for?
my hiking mountain looms over the town and has lots of trails to other ruins--free!my hiking mountain looms over the town and has lots of trails to other ruins--free!
my hiking mountain looms over the town and has lots of trails to other ruins--free!

with granaries and lots of other ruins--free for the climbing

26th November 2013
original gateway with double jamb door

I was going wow, wow with the amazing colours, costumes & scenery...and then I saw the stonework. Gotta say the photos of the stonework are what really takes my breath away. How can the Incas achieve such perfection?
26th November 2013
original gateway with double jamb door

Amazing stonework!
Glad you enjoyed the visuals of this incredible place, David! Being a nerd and always wanting to understand, I read lots on how the Inca achieved their perfect masonry. Unfortunately, I never quite got it; maybe it was the problem with the explanations because moderns have never been able to duplicate this early perfection. You'll die when you see the stonework of Cusco--more to come!
27th November 2013

As usual, fantastic!
I continue to so enjoy your blog. I will miss it when it finally stops. Your pictures continue to amaze me. I once had a similar camera but was most disappointed with it changing to a Canon. My wife uses an expensive but really top Sony with excellent results. Roger
27th November 2013

So sweet!
Thank you so much for your kind words, Roger! You may not have to worry about my blog ending. I still have catching up on northern Argentina from last year and Patagonia before that. Besides, I may be a rolling stone. Regarding the cameras, well, mine is fine when you're not looking closely. Reviews said the photos would be "soft" and indeed, when I enlarge on my computer, they're aren't as sharp as my previous tiny Lumix. But for blogs, it's fine. Glad you two have great cameras!
30th November 2013

Tara....I have just caught up with your blogs and find them, as always, incredible and illuminating.....what a gift you have, not only for traveling, but telling the story, and capturing exquisite photographs.....you are like some magical guide into canyons of mystery....a historical journey I never dreamed possible for me to experience.....I so look forward to each of your creations...thanks....Bernie
30th November 2013

Magical guide into canyons of mystery!
Wow, thank you so much for your kind words, Bernie. You, too, have an amazing way with images, "magical guide into canyons of mystery"-- I'd love to live up to that. Glad you're traveling with me! Until Cusco!
2nd December 2013

What a writer
It is a pleasure to read your descriptions as it triggers lots of emotions at the same time which are even enhanced with the beauty of those pictures. I will definitely keep reading, congratulations!
3rd December 2013

Thanks, Frank!
I'm glad you're enjoying my blogs, and even my writing, as I sometimes get a bit carried away. I'll definitely use your wonderful blogs to help me get around when I finally get to Colombia. Happy teaching and travels!
6th December 2013

such amazing photos.

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