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March 1st 2007
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This here is a little tribute from our four day trek into the Amazon. The jungle was a ten hour drive from Cuzco on a narrow, cliffside mountain road with nasty switchbacks and sickening drops. The first night we spent in the jungle town of, Pilocopata. Just before Pilocopata is a little town, Patria, which is one of the largest producers of cocaine in Peru. Peru supplies the world with 30% of it's cocaine, second only to Columbia. The following day, out of the van at Atalaya and into a thirty-foot river boat for another three hours down river and away from civilization. We tented two nights on a platform built to keep the snakes out of your sleeping bag. To follow were bats, spiders, monkeys, and night treks into the Amazon, wading chest deep, with merely flashlights and machettes to fish and track down caimen (little alligators to you). During the day you have to be quiet and patient to appreciate all the inhabitants of Manu, but at night the jungle comes to life. We've never been in an environment so foreign to us before. One of the coolest parts of the whole adventure, Hudson missed out on as he
Pre-Inca BurialsPre-Inca BurialsPre-Inca Burials

grave robbers have cleaned this country out
slept off a fever in the van. We were held up, on the return to Cuzco, by a landslide across the road which we got to witness. All in all, a wild time. Machu Picchu is next!

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Jungle ViewpointJungle Viewpoint
Jungle Viewpoint

To the right is a bum, technically the property of our cook, Roland: thanks for the jungle grub!
Another BridgeAnother Bridge
Another Bridge

suspension suspense this time

jungle town
Lil FrogLil Frog
Lil Frog

You just won the gold cup, what are you gonna do now? I was thinkin bout gettin it bronzed.

I'm swingin on a vine from a big tree in the junlge

is the worst photographer in the world
Closest We GotClosest We Got
Closest We Got

to a Jaguar

our guide

4th March 2007

Have been thinking about you guys and saw mom in church today and got you blog address It looks like you're havin a blast. Hope Rob gets well soon The pictures are awesome. Stay well and have a great time. Norma
5th March 2007

Your jungle is amazing. I am sooo jealous!! Is the Jaguar missing a toe? How far up the tree did you go? Hudson, I hope you are feeling better. That is pretty aweful! Don't take too many prescriptions. My mother in law had a bad bout of overmedicating in Mexico, so yeah, be careful! Love you lots !! Hi from Thao and Thad
12th March 2007

but not mute
We ARE sending emails--don't know why they are not reaching you. (Yours are coming thru fine). Glad to hear you're enjoying La Paz. End of Games volunteer bash with Great Big Sea tonight was wonderful. Missing you.
14th March 2007

I'm jealous!!!!,I'm jealous!!!!,I'm jealous!!!!,I'm jealous!!!! Sorry for the studdering.I also now have an uncontrolable twitch since the Games ended. I can't wait for all your stories. When are you coming home? Catch you later, later, later, oww my neck!
21st March 2007

the triple O misses you
ROB! we miss you .. but it looks like you are having a fucking blast. That pic you dedicated to us was awesome, you're hot and we all love you!!!!!!!

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