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June 12th 2015
Published: June 12th 2015
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This update includes also the impressions of Cara that you can find at the end of my update. So this time you get a double treat. I hope you enjoy…. Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas. One of the new seven wonders of the world, a place where most people want to go but can only dream about. And I was lucky enough to have stepped foot into this amazing place for the second time after my fir... Read Full Entry

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12th June 2015

There is a Brazilian psychoanalyst that use to say: "what I call traveling doesn't have a lot to do with 'vacations'. It also doesn't mean necessarily pioneering, adventuring in a virgin land. Traveling means going to a place where we can discover that there is something in us that we were not aware before an specific experience". All this to say that there are no definite title about the proper way to travel or to live - each one must go for what pleases according to personal tastes. Each one prefers specific methods, according with specific preferences. I say that, for example, I don't see any problem in those who don't like traveling and who prefer spending their whole lives without traveling, situated only in their towns or countries. It's up to each one, to each personality.
14th June 2015

We visited Machu Picchu in February, haven't yet checked out my photos, will do so when my blogs reach that destination. I'm presently blogging the Blues Highway. But I love reading the blogs of those that go to these places 'cause everyone has a different experience, a different perspective and no matter how they point their lens, except for the odd iconic shots, different pictures. Wonderful perspectives of the journey to Machu Picchu, Welf and Carla. And gotta agree, you gotta get there sometime in your life.
14th June 2015

The Lost City of the Incas
Welf, enjoyed your memories of the old and your impressions of the new. Each experience in life is new and different. When we travel we must see, we must experience. I too, wanted to spend my 50th birthday at Machu Picchu and so Dave got us a room in the hotel at the top. The cool thing was after all the tour buses left, those of us at the hotel could wander quietly by ourselves for a short while. It was amazing. We leaned on a wall and watched the swallows fly in circles as the day came to an end. It was magical. I too, hope to go back one day. So glad you shared this with someone you care about. Dave and I agree that it is one of the most amazing places on earth.
15th June 2015

Kindred spirits--
I so identified with both of you. I have been to MP 3 times and would go again in a minute. I feel the strong connection as Welf does and also name it as my favorite place in the world. On the other hand I am not a camper or real flora and fauna person so I identified with Carla too. The trick to having the place to yourself (or sort of alone) is to take the medium price train (not the Backpacker Special and not the expensive one) , arrive mid afternoon, and go to MP around 3:30 pm after the train people have left. Stay overnight ( the hotel I stayed in is pictured on one of Carla's photos on the river). Then get up very early the next day and take the first bus up. You have the place to yourself until around 11 am when the 'train' people start arriving. On my 3rd. visit I found a secluded spot, gazed at the magnificence surrounding me, journaled a bit, and soaked up the sacredness of the place. You can read my blog ' My 3rd visit to MP) at Happy travels..... Carolyn/Gunga
16th June 2015

This subjective life.
I love Carla's perspective on travel... there is no right or wrong way to travel (or live life really). Great photos :)
23rd June 2015

There is never....
....a right or wrong in how you travel as it is a very personal thing. And yes, Carla's analysis is a good one.... Thank you for your comment.

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