Full Moon at Magical, Mystical Machu Picchu

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May 24th 2014
Published: September 10th 2013
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May Full Moon The remains of Machu Picchu, the "Lost City of the Incas" are perched on the ridge separating Machu Picchu (Old Mountain) and Huayna Picchu (Young Mountain). Its stone agricultural terraces flow down the flanks and climb up the semi-tropical, cloud-forested mountains. Like so many other Incan ruins I'd visited, Machu Picchu fit organically in its site with temples growing out of th... Read Full Entry

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classic Inca agricultural terraces with steps classic Inca agricultural terraces with steps
classic Inca agricultural terraces with steps

very tricky walking up the steps

10th September 2013

Nicely Done Tara
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog as well as seeing the pictures. You are too correct about Aguas Calientes. That place was nothing special, but a necessary evil (well, not evil, but more irritating). It's good to see you blogging again. Hope to read more about Bolivia and Chile. Take care my friend.
10th September 2013

Necessary evil
Thanks Brendan, I hope to catch up on some blogs. Yes, Aquas Calientes was a necessary evil, but like most places, the longer I stayed, the more I found hidden nooks--waterfalls and peaceful places by the river. All a part of traveling.
10th September 2013
 watchman's hut in morning fog

Interesting you notice climate change at this iconic site. Lovely pics...vibrant colours as usual Tara.
10th September 2013
 watchman's hut in morning fog

Climate change
Every place I've visited I've had chats with locals about how the weather has changed for the worse since they were young. It was a disaster this year in the Inca's Sacred Valley where harvested crops rotted from the lingering rainy season. So sad! Thanks for the kind words on the pics--what a spot it was for photos!
11th September 2013

Your blog was informative and the pictures are great as usual...
Your blog builds our anticipation as we hope to go to Peru next year. A couple questions: When is the best time...no rain or tourists and lower prices...to go? I've heard recommendations from others not to bother with visiting the site in the early morning...too many people...but to go later in the day when the crowds dissipate...what do you think? .
11th September 2013

Great that you're coming!
I can't really deal with crowds, so I always think the shoulder season is best--maybe May or November. If you're not going to hike up to trails away from the ruins (Sun Gate, Inca Bridge), or linger a ridiculous amount of time as I do, it could be a great plan to go in the afternoon. Fewer crowds and low clouds. I look forward to reading of your adventures there!
11th September 2013

Tara, magnificent photos and commentary. You are amazing!!! Be well.
11th September 2013

Thanks, Rand!
Thanks for the kind words and know I appreciate the important political work you're doing back home. Peace!
29th September 2013
classic Machu Picchu and llama

Tara....absolutely awesome pictures!....and just like you to make your visit into a spiritual journey....I am curious however...from the perspective of my armchair mind you...you say you spend a week, or a month, here or there, in some tiny village or other place....how do you spend your time from hour to hour or day to day while you are there?
2nd October 2013
classic Machu Picchu and llama

Hanging out in tiny spots...
Great question, Bernie, and it's great to hear from you. I often spend lots of time in places others visit for an hour on a tour bus. First, I'm really living down here, not just traveling, so I take a couple of hours a day, sitting in the plaza reading and chatting with people who approach me. Then, if I'm in a tiny town, i'll certainly take walks into the countryside for a couple of hours. Then there's the studying about the place and fussing with the tons of photos I take. I'm also quite good at just relaxing and being. Somehow, pleasant days just pass. Ciao!
7th October 2013

Thrilled by your blog
Ah, what an amazing journey to step into your blog. You captured the magnificence and mystery of this sacred place perfectly. My favorite photos: those adorable llamas of course!
7th October 2013

Llamas and Machu Picchu
Yes, they were the perfect combo. This really is the land of amazing Incan ruins, their colorful descendents and camelids of all sorts. You'll have to meet an alpaca--they have the sweetest faces!
24th January 2014

time of year
Your experience looked great!!! thanks for the blog, but was unsure what the term "low season" meant. could you expand? looking to go in May and looking for cheap trip going solo. Would you be kind enough to advise on hotels or other ways to navigate region. I thought apartment would be good to have central hub for daily trips. You were there for months and I would like to do same. Thankis again and look forward to reply.
26th January 2014

Cusco travel
Hi Bob, high season is June-Aug and maybe Jan and Feb. May is great! I generally just take the cheapest hostel option in the Lonely Planet or on a hostel booking site. An apartment seems like a good idea, but I've never been willing to go through the trouble of finding one or the expense of paying for one. Cheapest/best way to get to MP is the hydroelectric option on public transport. Read travel books in your library and other blogs--that's what I do. Have fun!

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