Inca Trail Day 4: Jeebus, that's Machu Picchu!

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October 1st 2012
Published: November 17th 2012
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October 1, 2012 Starting Elevation 2680m (8792ft) 4th Camp - Cusco!- Warm Bed and Shower Well here it was, the day we had all been looking forward to: Day 4 Inca Trail and time for some Machu Picchu action! During the briefing the night before we decided to get up even earlier than we had been, 3:30am if memory serves me correctly...the deal with this day is to reach the Sun Gate by sunrise... Read Full Entry

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Aguas CalientesAguas Calientes
Aguas Calientes to the train station...

...back to where we started...

4th December 2012

Can you share any tips on how to get an awesome Machu Picchu tour guide?
5th December 2012

Oh man, no idea, sorry...I did the Inca Trail/Machu Picchu with G Adventures, and the same guide did both the trail and MP...

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