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June 19th 2012
Published: August 8th 2012
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OK-OK! Finally done! You would be surprised how long this blog stuff takes! 😊 After returning from Peru on June 14th, I have finished uploading the photos! Be warned--there are a ton! I am going to let the pictures tell the story this time! We went from Antofagasta on a night bus to Arica, Chile (about 10 hours). We then took a taxi across the border into Tacna, Peru--that took about 3 hou... Read Full Entry

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Ahhhh Cusco/CuzcoAhhhh Cusco/Cuzco
Ahhhh Cusco/Cuzco

This photo was taken after possibly the scariest 10 hours of my kidding. We took a different bus from our friends. but ended up around the same time--like 7 am. My friends had a similar story. I could liken this 12 hour bus trip to a roller coaster on the side of a windy mountain with the name of "Chicken." A one-lane road that could barely fit one vehicle--let alone a huge bus, trying to pass other buses. Yikes! And the toilet didn't flush. And we were the only gringos on the bus, and they were playing a video about Gringos trying to steal Peruvian riches...I was happy to arrive in Cusco!!!
View from our hotel balcony of the moon rise...View from our hotel balcony of the moon rise...
View from our hotel balcony of the moon rise...

We wished we had the video camera at this pint...we saw the coolest moon rise!

Super cool place--ancient ruins, robbed grave sites, etc. More info:

Quite a hike, but awesome from the top! This is the only Incan city in Peru that is still inhabited today. More info:
Carved face on the side of the mountainCarved face on the side of the mountain
Carved face on the side of the mountain

You can also see some of the ancient storage sites on the mountain as well.
Sun temple rockSun temple rock
Sun temple rock

The amazing thing about this rock is that it was brought from another mountain by hundreds of workers. There is evidence that they were building more when the Spanish came and halted the construction. Hard to imagine how they did this with the simple materials they had access to at this time! Just the beginning of the amazing sights we saw!
Beautiful little Peruvian girlsBeautiful little Peruvian girls
Beautiful little Peruvian girls

Loved this photo, minus the legs of the tourists! I need to figure out how to photoshop them out!
Cool demo on dying alpaca woolCool demo on dying alpaca wool
Cool demo on dying alpaca wool

We saw this in a small village called Chinchero. The women served us tea and showed us how they use the alpaca wool--this was her showing us how they clean it. She is grating soap. Cute little baby, too!
Cool set-upCool set-up
Cool set-up

They use all natural elements to make their dye--flowers, seeds, etc.
In all of my new Peruvial wool!In all of my new Peruvial wool!
In all of my new Peruvial wool!

Leg warmers, gloves, hat! It was super chilly at night. Not quite a fashion statement, but I was warm!

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