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August 9th 2011
Published: September 8th 2011
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"I had fun on the train to Machu Picchu. I did math and watched a movie. Machu Picchu was super cool. I liked it so much. We saw Jen there and ate lunch with her. I liked all the llamas.I liked to do pictures of me jumping and pretending I was falling. I played house with my dad. It was very cool. I made something called E T E but daddy kept calling it E P E. Daddy was not allowed on it. Machu Pichu was fun." - Sofia

After a having a blast in Cusco, it was time for us to go to one of the highlights of this trip....Machu Picchu. Daddy had told me so much about this place as it was one of his favorite places in the world so I was excited to go. We left on an earlier train than Jen who had to take the fancy train because there were no tickets left on our cheaper train. I had fun on the train watching movies and doing math. Daddy was a little nervous a few nights before we arrived as they changed the rules and only let a certain amount of tourists in each day. There were no tickets available for the day we arrived online, only the following day. Daddy accidently put my age as 111 years old and had to pay for my ticket when really I would get in free. Oh well, still worth it. However when we arrived daddy was able to get tickets and after a fast lunch we headed for the ruins.

We took and incredible windy bus ride to Machu Picchu and then we were there. It was incredible. I could not believe how cool it was. I had so much fun there. We took lots of pictures. We often would catch up with Jen's tour group and I would scare her. I made up a lot of things like my E T E which daddy still does not know what it means and I have never told him. I followed llamas around the ruins. One of my favorite things to do there was to play house. I had so much fun with all the rooms.

We went to a nice restaurant for dinner but I was so tired from the exciting day that I fell asleep before the food came. We stayed at a
Cute PoseCute PoseCute Pose

Machu Picchu
hotel called Gringo Bills in Agua Caliente, the closest town to the ruins. The next day we got up early, but not as early as Jen, and went back to Machu Picchu. It was just as good as the day before. We had a lot of fun taking pics while jumping and other things. This time Jen played house with us and we brought a lunch from our hotel. I had so much fun posing for pictures.

After lunch it was time to take the windy bus ride back to town and catch our train. We bought a couple more souvenirs, had a good lunch, and then caught our train back to Cusco. I told daddy that I would come back to Macchu Picchu with my kids. Daddy said that he hoped that I would consider bringing grandpa along. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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looking toughlooking tough
looking tough

Machu Picchu
We Made itWe Made it
We Made it

Machu Picchu
Jumping for JoyJumping for Joy
Jumping for Joy

Machu Picchu
Postcard ShotPostcard Shot
Postcard Shot

Machu Picchu
Our FeetOur Feet
Our Feet

Machu Picchu
All SmilesAll Smiles
All Smiles

Machu Picchu
A KissA Kiss
A Kiss

actually, they were just passing one another
Interesting PoseInteresting Pose
Interesting Pose

Machu Picchu

8th September 2011
Cute Pose

love it!
I just have to say I've seen a lot of B&W photos as your daughter grows up around the world but this one is AMAZING!
9th September 2011

I Mike, I could only see the first pic, so guess I\'ll have to come back once Ali has sort out one more bug! I love your text (as no pics)! So today Sofia is officially the oldest blogger on TB...what a jump! Mari made a fun comment, our blogs have been following each other for the last few days, quite nice! I plan to bring the full little family to Machu Pichu in 2013...we\'ll do the jumping. I still remember my first visit back in 2002! I was with my best friend and we \"climb\" the Huana Pichu, you know, the little little mount right behind Matchu Pichu. When he told me...let\'s go there...i first told him he was completely mad. The hike is seriously scary, but from top there the view was amazing. Fun part, I did it in golf shoes as I had only city shoes with me. I was ona short round the world, without a camera! so the imagines are still deep inside me. Don\'t think i\'m ready to have the kids doing such a little walk...seems few people drop to their dead few hundred meters down. Well, that was something. We haven\'t see you commenting on the Pisco Sour yet. For wine eru produce red and white...only one Blanco de Blanco is drinkable to my knowledge...but the pisco...the pisco...
9th September 2011

following you
yes it seesms that we are posting almost firght after one another. I am having lots of problems with the videos as well as the pics. Not sure what the problem is and nobody has responded yet, Videos took a long time to load and I am frustrated that cannot see them. Pics are another issue. Hope they get fixes soon. See you in 15 months.
4th November 2011

need details plz
hi ! loved teh pics...jealous that you could go and we couldnt :) keen on this trip, and need details... could you pls share hotels/routes/tour organiser/trains etc plz?? u could email it to me on thnx in advance, Anu India

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