4 day trek to Machu Picchu Day 3

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May 25th 2011
Published: May 3rd 2011
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So day 3 dawned after a cold cold night. Jimmy woke us up with a steaming cup of coffee in hand (for me) and a cup of hot chocolate (for Xavier)...can't think of a better way to wake me up! This, followed up with pancakes with caramel sauce for breakfast. Yum! From our Pocomayo site, we hit the trail at 7am as usual, headed for the ruins of Runcurukay, where we get a little cultural talk on the role of the Chaskis (runners) in Inca society. Then it's off to Sayacmarca (inaccessible town) ...then on to Phuyupatamarka, which featured 6 spa like fountains. We then delve into a gorgeous cloud forest, wich waterfalls, natural arbors and orchids everywhere. It's what Disneyland attempted to copy in their jungle themed rides, but failed. All in all, the hike today was a little over 11 miles, over steep and sharp rocks. Xavier's headache and exhaustion persisted, and we got to Winay Wayna (the campsite) just as it was getting dark. Xavier went right to sleep at 7pm and didn't wake up until the next day. I did make him drink a liter of water and a few spoonfuls of soup before I let him sleep. Although Winay Wayna is supposedly the best campsite (featuring cold beer and hot showers) Our group did not take advantage of the showers. Mostly because they were 1) too far and 2) not too private. Also, no one had any clean clothes by then, so what was the point?. The toilets were still the same deplorable 'crouch down' design we had by now resigned ourselves to, having no other choice.
We did however, take advantage of the cold beer selection, and had ourselves a nice time. All of us went to bed early, since the fourth day started at 4 oclock!

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