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May 31st 2009
Published: June 3rd 2009
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4:30 am: depart for the hike up to Maccu Piccu. There was some sense of urgency in Justin's pace. Pete, Justin Sheila and I made great time heading over to the trial head in order to beat the other parties for tickets to Wyna Piccu. They give out 400 a day to head up and look down on Maccu Piccu. If you walk up the mountain, you can not only beat the first bus that leaves at 5:30, but you can save the $7 each way. Each tour group that does the jungle tour back door to Piccu does the exact same thing. Same restaurants, circa same lodging, same schedule, everything. So, we had good company at the middle of the night.

We made it up in blitz pass, and then realized that we were about number 20. Well within the first 400 we needed to be. In fact, I think several buses had to come before the 400 mark was anywhere close. We waited for the gates to open, bolted for the gate to Wyna Piccu, and then got our tickets to head up there before wondering the grounds a bit and then joining our tour guide for a narrated tour of the site. Well, that was a mistake. After 5 minutes, we ditched it. Too much "and then, in 1897.... delivered in that tone reminiscent of the university prof that only had students because the other classes were full. Instead, we went over to the sun gate (Inca trail entry that looks down on Machu Pichu) and then up Wyna Piccu. Lots of people had mentioned that this site was hard to get to, and dangerous. After our hike yesterday, this was nothing. It did have a great view, and I had my sack lunch up there with Justin, Pete and Sheila. Really enjoyed the site, but was not overwhelmed by how amazing it was. I think it is priced just about right at $40. A really great site, but certainly not out of this world amazing. I would say that any trip to Latin America would not be complete without it, but would not come down to Peru just to see it either. As a whole, the 4 day trek was a lot of fun, and a great value. Would recommend to anyone considering options to cut the cost of a visit here.

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Photo 19

View from the sun gate
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Photo 20

View from the sun gate
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Photo 21

Sun Gate
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Photo 2

View from Wyna Piccu
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Photo 4

Up Wyna Piccu
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Photo 5

What we had climbed yesterday, front and center

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