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South America » Peru » Cusco » Lares Trek January 11th 2020

The Lares Trek is probably the most scenic and wild trek near Cusco. Salkantay is beautiful, but Lares feels so much more remote. There are at least six different routes through the mountains between Calca and Lares. Also, fewer travel agencies have Lares than Salkantay, so you are more likely to have the trail to yourself, like I did. I went with SAM Travel from Cusco, to the ruins of Pisac, to the market of Calca to the town of Huaran, where we started hiking. The first day is an easy walk up to the community of Cancha Cancha - it’s too small for me to even call it a village. The second day is a much more challenging trek up over a high pass and down to the village of Qiswarani. The third day is ... read more
Andean Lakes
The Cooks

South America » Peru » Cusco » Lares Trek October 4th 2018

Cusco a UNESCO protected city with over 500,000 people was the centre of the Inca empire. A vibrant and beautiful city with a grand central square opposite the Cathedral Cusco also had some great bars and restaurants serving both international and Peruvian food at high quality and relatively low cost.!if you spend a few days there you won’t go hungry. Most if not all of the churches in Cusco including the cathedral were built on Inca temple sites. The Spanish destroyed the Inca temples but left the foundations and built their churches on them because the Incas knew how to build against earthquakes Our first full day in Cusco we were free to wander so after an orientation walk with the guide we found ourselves having brunch overlooking the main square and Cathedral watching even more ... read more
mani square Cusco - with band
Christ statue overlooking Cusco
Lares Trek - looking a bit cloudy

South America » Peru » Cusco » Lares Trek June 28th 2015

We had just two days left with Dave and Claire. They came up with a plan to visit somewhere they'd never visited before - Lares, so we'd all be on new territory. I didn't know what I was letting myself in for! We started off getting the bus to Pisac, known for it's Sunday Market. The town was buzzing with locals and tourists alike. After coffee and cake in a small cafe we got a collectivo to Calco another small town that was much less touristy, from here we needed to get a collectivo to Lares. This proved a bit more difficult than expected but after some trekking around we found the one we needed. We established the 9 Soles fare and sat waiting for the bus to fill up. I began to get a bit ... read more
Market Day
Claire Buying Natural Paints
I Never Was Keen on Shopping

South America » Peru » Cusco » Lares Trek June 1st 2015

Obviously coming to Peru I was keen to go hiking, and the only trek I knew about was the Inca Trail. Lots of other people are obviously in the same position, as it's by far and away the most popular trek, now restricted to 500 people per day, with permits selling out months in advance. So based on not a lot of internet searching I selected the Lares Trail as an alternative. It's a three day hike, and on the fourth day you visit Macchu Picchu. Sounded perfect for us. However in another of my well-documented examples of failing to read the material very closely, I had not realised just how challenging the trek would be. After it was booked and paid for, Rod, who had actually read the trip notes, mentioned to me that we ... read more
Cute kids along the way
Cute kids along the way
Cute kids along the way

South America » Peru » Cusco » Lares Trek April 2nd 2013

So we finished trekking yesterday! It was hard as at one point we were 4,600 metres above sea level and hiking up a steep mountain!! That was very challenging but when we reached the top our tour guide for the trek brought out his 'surprise' which was a bottle of whiskey Haha!! So we all took a well deserved sip. At night we camped but the porters put the tents up for us so we didn't have to do that bit. We also had dinner every night by the chef who prepared such deliscious meals with SUCH a simple kitchen. I was in utter shock when I saw his cooking equipment as the food was so good!!! On Rachel's bday he even cooked her a cake! It Was a great experience.... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Lares Trek October 19th 2012

Today we travelled to Ollantaytambo and visited some Incan ruins in the town itself and the surrounding Saqsaywaman (sexy women) National Park before starting our trekking expedition at 4.30am tomorrow morning. In the morning, we caught the bus to Calca where we stocked up on supplies to distribute to the locals on our trek. we bought tons of bread and fruit, and some crayons and toys for the children. Then we were off to Lares Town for a thermal bath at the hot springs and some food before we started our trek to the first campsite. On the way children would run up to us on the path and we handed out bread and food to them. We climbed nearly 1km to 4000 meters above sea level to a town called Chaqchapata where we camped on ... read more
Donating to the locals
Local Kid with a Goat
Nearly there!!

South America » Peru » Cusco » Lares Trek June 25th 2012

On peut prendre différentes routes pour arriver au Machu Picchu. La plus facile est de partir en bus d’Aguas Calientes, la ville la plus proche. On peut aussi faire un trek de plusieurs jours dans les montagnes des environs. Le plus connu est le Chemin de l’Inca, qui suit la voie pavée et arrive juste au dessus du Machu Picchu. Mais il faut réserver 6 mois à l’avance, car les palces sont limitées. Je choisis donc un trek différent, la vallée de Lares, qui dure 4 jours (3 nuits sous tente), passe par un col à 4600m, et permet de voir des communautés d’éleveurs perdus dans la montagne. Les paysages sont toujours très beaux, mais le principal attrait est d’avoir un aperçu de la vie quotidienne des paysans du cru. On croise les enfants qui rentrent ... read more
Valle de Lares (93)
Valle de Lares (36)
Valle de Lares (64)

South America » Peru » Cusco » Lares Trek June 2nd 2012

We boarded the bus in high spirits, we were starting to get used to the altitude; we heard great things about Cusco and we were getting closer to another event we have been looking forward to for so long: the Lares trek to Machu Picchu. The bus journey was by far the most interesting one (with the San Ignacio-Buenos Aires one coming in close second). After about half an hour we stopped at the frontera, the border, between Bolivia and Peru. We had to get out of the bus and go into the Bolivia migration office to get our exit stamps on our passports. We then walked across the border to the Peruvian migration office where we got our entry stamps for Peru. The bus met us on the other side. ... read more
Token Indian Pipe band photo!
Orlagh in the Square in Cusco
The Lares Gang!

South America » Peru » Cusco » Lares Trek April 2nd 2012

After a few days in various places on the peruvian coast, we headed inland through Arequipa and the highlands. The Incas were in their heyday about 500 years ago, until the spanish came along and wiped most of them out! Cusco was the capital of the Inca empire - its certainly the nicest city Ive visited in Peru As an alternative to the Inca trail (which was booked up) we did the Lares trek, this goes through different villages in the highlands, rising to 4800m. We camped for three nights then we took the train to Machu Pichu to the famous Inca City. The people who do the classic Inca trail walk into Machu Picchu through the sun gate, although it was misty when we went there. I also had the oportunity to walk/climb up Waynapicchu ... read more
Our tents
Some of the porters and cooks
A farm

South America » Peru » Cusco » Lares Trek February 12th 2012

My head tossed from side to side as I tried to sleep through the switchbacks. The bus rode the edge of the cliff as if it had the luxury of being connected by a rail. Jon and I sat, bags on laps, tiredly gazing out at the first morning light reach the highest mountain peaks. We were almost level with the snows before we began to descend. It rained in Lares and it didn't stop. We were dropped in the bustling plaza, heads spinning like the tourists we were. Even Jon looked out of place this high in the mountains. About two-thirds of the market crowd wore the brilliant orange threads of Quechua people, the rest of the locals were certainly not so far removed from their indigenous colors. Lares was famous for its hot springs. ... read more
Hot springs

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