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September 27th 2010
Published: October 11th 2010
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Okay how is everyone doing???? After 3 weeks I finally figured out how to use my blackberry on WIFI!!!!! Now I will send out my updates without any issues....

I forgot another couple of updates from the LARSE trek:

Okay so everyone know that I have difficulty making friends (if you think this is true then you obviously have never met me AND STOP READING MY BLOG YOU ARE CREEPY) Well, I managed to meet two great people from eastern canada ( yes there is a couple of good people from the east)

Anyway back to the story, when I climbed kilimanjaro it was suggested I bring poles. Well I liked them so much I brought them all the way over to peru to use them on both my treks. I know Chris call me a hypocrite for giving Jenessa crap for packing a straightener, but these are like a prosthesis. They make me walk on 4 instead of all of you bipeds. anyway I guess the use of sticks isn't that cool. On my whole trek there were many 60 year old people that didn't even use sticks. However I brought these and if I would have put them away I would hear the end of it from Jenessa, so I committed to them like a tattoo.

So, the whole trip I got razzed and eventually I was named sticks. It wasn't until the THIRD day till we finally ran into someone with sticks. Well, the coolest thing was, he was exactly like ME. He talked and even walked like me, it was like I was looking into a mirror. At that moment I realized something... I wasn't silly for bringing sticks I am a TREND setter, a scenester if you will. I am to sticks as Paris Hilton was to Von Dutch or the dudes of Jersey Shore to fist pump roast beef Fridays.

So, to everyone that made fun of my stick, you are just jealous.

PS I don't know I mentioned my quote of the trip:
"We are better at hockey and at life,"

Story, there were 2 americans we kept running into on the trek. Well the last night after the toughest day, they ran into us at the last town before camp was set. Well, as they pass I scream hey americans. They reply "hey team Canada" and in true diplomatic relations I reply " You are just Jealous, we are better at hockey and at life," they didn't respond... Hahaha one for us 0 for america😊


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