Inca Trail Day 3: Are We There Yet?

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September 30th 2012
Published: November 17th 2012
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September 30, 2012 Starting Elevation 3600m (11811ft) 3rd Camp - Wiñay Wayna- 2680m (8792ft) Highest Point - 3900m (12795ft) Distance Travelled 16kms After listening to the rain drip onto the tent all night it was a pleasant surprise to see dawn break clearly, and to be greeted with the sight of snowcapped mountains as I emerged from the tent was nothing short of breathtaking...still not ... Read Full Entry

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Our next campsite...Our next campsite...
Our next campsite... seen from Intipata...
Not too shabby...Not too shabby...
Not too shabby...

...dunno, Peru could have been a bit more scenic...

11th January 2013

Tour Group used
Hi! I'm in the process of researching what group to go with for the Inca trail four day hike. Could you tell me which one you used and if it was a good one? Or any others you could recommend after doing it? Thanks so much! Danielle
12th January 2013

Inca Trail
Hi Danielle, I went with G Adventures for a full two week tour, which included the Inca Trail...I was impressed with them; it was well organized, great guide, good food and the porters seemed to be well treated and compensated as far as I could tell (they ate what we ate (no scraps or leftovers), they all wore G Adventures shirts and jackets etc.). There were other tour companies on the trail that looked similar but I can't comment on them, I would highly recommend G Adventures though...hope that helps, any other questions please fire 'em my way.... Jeff
11th April 2013

Boots or Shoes?
Hello I am training for my trek in June is it as cold in the mornings as they say it is? I have got myself some boots but apparently people do better in hiking shoes? Or should I take both? thanks
11th April 2013

El Trail
Not sure how cold it is in the mornings in June but the second night for me (October) was about -5 degrees Celsius, the third night a bit warmer but about the same...never thought it was all that bad, the sleeping bags G Adventures provided were very warm, and tea was always ready for us as soon as we got up. As for the shoes, I wore boots and was fine, most important thing is that they be comfortable and broken in, blisters be can only bring so much on the trail anyway so not likely practical to bring shoes and boots (recommend waterproof, we had rain for half the day on Day 2)...any other questions please let me know...

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