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May 29th 2016
Published: January 2nd 2017
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Street scene in Cusco showing traffic lightsStreet scene in Cusco showing traffic lightsStreet scene in Cusco showing traffic lights

One of the things I like in Peru is the way the traffic lights in the cities count down for vehicles and pedestrians the time until the lights change
I had thought that after all the physical effort that once back in a proper bed I would sleep well. But I woke early.

We met Tony and Lindsey over breakfast reflecting on what a fantastic experience we had been through. We had been really lucky with the group of people we had spent four days with, the guides were excellent and the porters amazing.

Looking back we agreed that the trail was not got the faint hearted or unfit. Lindsey had run three marathons, the same number as me, and was planning to run another half when she got back. Her husband, Tony, was also fit. Barry and his wife were also seasoned walkers.

John from Seattle, had been working hard to get fit and lose weight before coming on the trip. Joe and Audrey from Idaho were both young and fit. Joe had been a professional golfer for seven years and after illness had had to give it up but was now competing in Iron Man events.

After breakfast Martin and I went to the local market and managed to find a piece of cloth which might match Caroline's request for a suitable wall hanging
Cusco Airport was busyCusco Airport was busyCusco Airport was busy

Because of the terrain the internal flights are more like buses and seem to be well used by locals
for the stairs.

At 10:05 we were collected and in 10-15 minutes were at Cusco airport for the journey back to Lima.

It was somewhat reassuring to return to the same hotel in the capital city.

Miraflores is definitely an upmarket part of the city and the supermarket was definitely reminiscent of Waitrose or M&S Food - but with a more diverse selection of fruit and vegetables.

Martin found a great little restaurant near the hotel where we both had pisco sour, the local drink, and fish dishes.


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