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July 4th 2007
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I can feel my chakras burning as I try to control my frustration. I am in Cuzco, Peru, after more than a week, and I cannot escape north or south because the country is gripped by miner strikes. They have blocked the major roads all over Peru, I am told, so no buses can run anywhere. I left my hostel yesterday and took a cab to the bus station blissfully unaware, only to be told to come back today. But just as I was about to leave today, some uppity american chick told me that was folly as there are still blockades, no buses, and no news about when the blockades will end - we only know that they will end when the government bows to the miners´demands. Apparently there are the same stirkes in Bolivia right now.

The annoying thing about this, apart from the fact that I always get into a crazy mood when I cant just up and leave at will, is that I just agreed with Los Tiempos to come back to work for another few weeks, and now I dont know when I will get back. Secondly, I miss CBBA , my host family and my mates, thirdly, while Cuzco is a beautifully preserved city, I´m so over it and I prefer Bolivia to Peru. Everyone in the hostel is in the same predicament, trying to get either north to Lima or South to Lake Titicaca or La Paz, so its the talk of the hostel. I´m lucky that my two good friends from Machu Picchu, Libby and Guli, are here with me so I´m not bored, but I am so frustrated being stuck here when I just want to get out and progress with my trip, and the hostel im staying at, LOKI, is shit. Its full of cokeheads (makes me nervous) and its a party hostel, which I am not really into: as a traveller you can always find a party whenever and wherever you are. But I like my hostels small, cute, friendly, and less try-hard. However, the showers are amazing: boiling hot to the point of third degree burns, and no spluttering, no lukewarmness, just pure sweet hot water for a good 30 minutes. I feel so clean right now its unnatural. Might go rub some dirt on my cheeks to feel normal again.

So I am here having my pockets emptied by LOKI hostel until such times as Toledo gives in to his miners. Please, give in soon.


9th July 2007

Ya me tenias preocupado. Espero vuelvas pronto.
11th July 2007

Toledo - who?
President Toledo has been out of office since December. If you are going to visit the country you might at least keep up to date. Alan Garcia is the current president.
12th July 2007

Donde estas?
Are you still in La Paz or ... here?

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