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November 17th 2006
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Hey kids,

(there are photos to go with this kids, but my lack of spanish and the fact the pc i´m on can't take a dvd disc are causing me some drama....stay tuned!!)

Yes, its me again..... ready to give you all the riveting up to date details of my trip of Peru.

First day was a bit of a drag.... after flying all night with no sleep (due to my discomfort of a bruised tail bone hereafter to be known as "assbone",which i bruised in Mexico after leaping out of my top bunk in the middle of the night and collecting one of the vertical parts of the ladder straight in the clacker - which at the time i thought had torn me a new asshole!!!) getting 2 hours sleep at the hotel, the walking around the city of Lima for the rest of the day. Saw some sights there, mainly an old school pyramid style arrangement with a guided tour....mildy entertaining.

Next day was meeting the whole I said 10 in all....8 guys 2 girls....4 poms (and fuck me can't some of them whinge!!!!)....6 aussies...again nothing huge.....walked around the city....nice surf...NOT...well I shouldn't say
Inca KolaInca KolaInca Kola

Its the shit!!!
that...if you like it not huge and a sort of shit brown colour then it might be your go.

Next day flew to Puno, which is on the shores of Lake Titicaca..... settled in...then next morning hopped on a boat and travelled out (with a few little stops) to Amantani island where we met our "host families" with whom we would be spending the night. (Have to say at this point we had been at about 3900m for a couple of days.... very funky feeling.... light headed...... some of the guys were quite sick, throwing up and stuff....i've been pretty lucky..... a little faint at times...and had been waking up every morning with a headache...but i think i'm over that now......)

Did a little hill climb in the aftrenoon to about 4100m.....frequent stops are the order of the day.... you get knocked up so easily its not funny.... and before anyone makes any smartass comments...EVERYBODY gets knackered..not just ya fat mate!!!!

Eating with the families was quite interesting... you eat in their little kitchens which really are old school.... just a little fire they cook everything on... the eat on the floor (which is dirt) wash up in a plastic bowl of water thats heated on the fire.... meals consisted of mainly rice, potatoes and vegetables, which i can tell you after 2 days Chopper was well sick of. I wouldn't say it was a pleasant experience, but was really worthwhile. Later that night, dressed (semi) traditionally and attended a local dance....GOODTIMES!!

On the way back the next day we stopped at the islands of the Uros indians, which are entirely made of reeds. It really is reed city...island, houses, boats... everything made of reeds... they even eat them.... again another really interesting and worthwhile experience. As our boat pulled out for of the local lasses stood by singing row row row your boat.... followed with a united shout of "Hasta la vista babies!!!" ...funny funny shite!!!

Which more or less brings me to today..... travelled 7 hours on bus to Cusco which will be the base before the Inca trail.... will be spending the weekend here before starting out Monday on the trail......and let me say... those of you that go in for the whole God fairytale.... maybe say a couple of prayers....cause its going to be TOUGH.... like i said the altitude really takes it out of you and the few hikes we've already done have nearly killed me, and they´re nothing i´m dreading it a little....hard, cold and raining..GOOD TIMES.... Contiki it is not.... but I knew that.... i´ve just gotta grow a spine!!!!

Righto monkeys I think thats about it....... My guess is you´ll hear no more from me for 5 or 6 days........ Chins up, I know you´ll miss me, but soldier on

(Oh and by the way, I had been planning on growing the beard all the way home.......but for those of you who have liked the look in the pics.....forget it!!!! its driving me goes tonight!!)

Love Yuz


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Reeds reeds and reedsReeds reeds and reeds
Reeds reeds and reeds

About to depart the reed islands ....on a reed boat with a reed sail!!

18th November 2006

And you reckon poms are whingers?
What the...? Perhaps you could take a leaf out of the 'chards guide to losing weight mate and charge up that mountain dropping a turd or 2 every 100 vertical metres?
19th November 2006

"A sailor went to chop chop chop...
...To see what he could chop chop chop"- One of the kindy kids favourite songs- your a star!!! Prayer said- look out for bunk beds- heard they make them with pointy ends in Peru.
22nd November 2006

Give Me A D Give me an A a D a D & a Y
Hi cheeky one of this wonderous world. has ya lungs? Pagging out on you yet??? Mmmm had a thought you might need a cheerleader while your on top of the world...... Just for entertainments sake.... ha any way catch and kiss you soon sweetness Mummy puppy slut peace out xxx

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