An outing discovering the ancient archetypes of Cusco

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October 12th 2018
Published: October 12th 2018
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An outing discovering the ancient archetypes of Cusco

Cusco is at least three thousand years old since the earlier cultures settle in the hills of its surrounding trying to avoid the humidity of its swamps, ponds and several streams and rivers that passed through.

Fortunately we can count on the several legends that reveal and uncover the archetypes of these societies that inhabited this mysterious and mystical andean city of Cusco.

First of all, I would like to describe the triads and tetrads hidden in the legend of the four brothers who emerged with their respective wives from three caves. The names are as follow: Ayar uchu, Ayar Manco, Ayar Auca and finally the most dangerous because its supernatural powers capable of destroying hills with its slingshot and cause tremors on earth. So until here we have clearly the mythic idea of Ayar Cachi as tectonic spiritual entity that has survived until these days in the syncretized idea of the Lord of the earthquakes, for if you ask the locals who is the most important Patron of the city? and all will response “the Lord of the Earthquakes”, the latter is also applied to Lima where is known as the Christ of Pachacamaj a precolumbian tectonic God.

So we can observe easily how the tetrad comes out into light from this legend, number which is associated with the totality, with four directions, four resources and nutritious plants that emerges from the ground because the names of the brothers make allusion to: Pepper, tubers and salt; and at the same time its relationship with the triad the spiritual number, the perfect number of the spirituality.

So walking by the streets and ancient sites of Cusco we can recognize these ancient patterns and symbols weather in the museums, ancient architecture, artworks and especially in the ancient architecture and stonework. For instance we can see the famous street with the beautiful greenish stone of twelve corners, a number that has its roots in the triad and the tetrad, actually when we ask ourselves how many possibilities exist for four brothers even with their respective wives to emerge from three caves, the answer is twelve.

Twelve is in everywhere, in the bible the twelve tribes, the twelve apostles, etc.

The importance of the myth is not only the story itself, but also the fact that the scientist world have used archetypes an patterns that emerged from the myths, fairy tails and dreams whose realms are in the unconscious mind. For instance the concept of the trilogy ended up in the conception of our world with three dimensions, or the duality and complementary concepts that can be seen in theories of atoms, etc.

So come with me, I will show you my city from a symbolic meaning, I am sure you will like and enjoy it!!


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