Moray a journey through the time

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October 12th 2018
Published: October 12th 2018
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Moray a journey through the time

If you are reading this blog it means you might be interested strongly or merely curious about the site of Moray in Cusco, a place that was said by esoteric groups to be a sort of Mandala; however the site seems to have been used for agricultural used by ancient societies in Cusco.

The name of Mandala derives from Sanskrit, an ancient language that has a meaning and approach to the figure of “the circle” which is the most perfect form that human beings known in our three dimensional world. According to the Swiss Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung who mentioned widely the purpose of Mandala an ancient archetype symbol that appear in the unconscious mind to restore or repair the order, an effort of the collective mind to bring harmony and order from chaos.

So what we are trying to visit during this tour is the ancient circles, mandalas, at times we will see them in museums in the art, pottery described or understood as calendars or at times in textiles, or even in unique ways such as in architecture that was built several times unconsciously just by following own intuitions through art and aesthetics.

I can quote also the Navajo, the North American culture, and other indo-Asian cultures that used Mandala consciously with the purpose of healing by means of drawing circles and rituals.

Drawing mandalas is very exciting and therapeutic, but watching them and take conscious of them is a form of meditation.

So I wish that you want to be guided in tour of higher consciousness, without the use of other psychotropic plants that might have some level of risk. It’s my believe that this tour might be taken consciously with a purpose of harmonization, after all we live in a complicated world and from to time to time we need to release and download our heavy energy. Let’s have fun knowing the ancient stories, legends and sharing knowledge of the ancient wisdom.

Following natural processes of restoration is always the best way to harmonize ourselves mistakenly and named from our modern point of views “primitive cultures” an adjective that matches more the concept of our current civilization.

During this tour we will visit the site of Moray that displays this archetype of Mandala although it have been used as I said earlier to acclimatize plants and also the art spots in Cusco as well as main squares and museums where we can widely display more evidences of the presence of Mandalas in Cusco and it does not applies only to the Hinduism and Buddhism.


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