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October 12th 2018
Published: October 12th 2018
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sacsaywaman mandalasacsaywaman mandalasacsaywaman mandala

cusco, madala, circle, zeus, eagle, lightning, lion, viracocha, fertility
Sacsaywaman the temple of lightning:

if you are familiarized with the Greek mythology you are able to understand this temple which is known mistakenly as fortress because in 1536 was used at such; however the study of mythology and archetypes reveal some symbols as the thunder bolt, eagle, mountain lion which are the classic symbols related to the main God of the Olympus.

Ancient philosophers remind us that the essence of concepts and ideas can be uncover through the shape, in this case we can clearly observe the zigzag patterns that reveals its own purpose, as symbol of lightning and thunderbolt concept applied to Zeus and its similarity to the main God in the Andes known as Viracocha the maker.

If you take a review in mythology you will notice that at times Zeus appears as eagle, thunderbolt-lighting, lion or so humble like beggar and in legends similar stories occurred to Viracocha the Andean God.

The archetype of Lion: the lion in the andean world is very well described in several stories narrated by the spanish, I can quote the chronicler CIEZA DE LEON who describe widely the rituals and design of Cusco city in the shape of a feline whose head is located precisely in this temple known as Sacsaywaman which has several meanings associated to royal eagle, the head of the mountain lion, as zigzag shape making allusion to the lightning thunder bolt a symbol of fertility because its relationships with energy, water, fire, earth that create life.


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