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October 12th 2018
Published: October 12th 2018
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Bird watching near the city of Cusco

If you have fun observing birds and nature, this is the right tour for you which is barely ten or fifteen minutes by car from the city of Cusco near the temple of Tambomachay, an ancient source of water, a ritual spot since pre-columbian times. The altitude average where we will be walking around is about twelve thousand feet or three thousand eight hundred meters above sea level, the species that we can observe are around like fifteen among them a beautiful yellow belie Sicalis Luteola which is a grassland finch close to the marshlands, but in this case close to stream, as well as near the cultivated lands and villages, usually is found in pairs or in groups and is very easy to identify them because the bright color that is very remarkable.

On the other hand we can observe for sure the Andean wood Pecker if we approach to the higher limestone outcrops because it seems that is their favorite place to nest and to spend the night, actually when one approach to these realms by the rocks, they make an unique sound, perhaps to let know the intruders their territory; usually forage on the ground and in higher pastures and paramos and puna grasslands.

There is another bird called Andean negrito that might appear spontaneously known scientifically as LESSONIA OREAS and is remarkable because the bright yellow golden back almost cinnamon tone and black intense color over its back; usually wanders near ponds, lagoons and swamps in the high grasslands.

In small lagoons we can observe the common moorhen or gallinula chloropus in calm waters it might be seen close to andean ducks as Anas Flavirostris known as well as yellow beal teal.

So as you see this tour involves hiking about approximately two hours from our starting point, the first our we ascend gently the slope which is no more than 30 degrees steep and following hour we descend the mountain slope by a different route to see other landscape and species.

So dear visitor if you want to enjoy this outing of half day and kill your extra day in Cusco, contact me to materialize this interesting tour!!!


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