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August 19th 2018
Published: August 19th 2018
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The great caveThe great caveThe great cave

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The Temple of the monkeys

The temple of the monkeys is a site in the park of Sacsaywaman (known by visitors for its similarity with the phrase sexy woman) that goes through the ancient royal path connected Cusco with the Jungle and maybe because of it the stonework of the areas displays some monkeys. What do the monkeys have to do with this place? As we Known Cusco city and its surrounding stands in the highlands that is relatively close (about 50 km in straight line) to get he Amazon Realms and why the monkeys were worshipped, what was their meaning?.

Beside these symbols and carving, in the lower part we can see in the same lime stone outcrop with a little opening on the ground and then a sort of altar and a stonework with the “Shape of Heart”. As we known in the andean world the entrances to caves or chambers represent the entrance to the “WOMB”, “THE GREAT CAVE”,”THE BOWELS” of “mother earth”.

On the other hand, we have another problem to solve; why a heart is located in this sacred spot near the entrances or opening of these “bowels”?; there is another possibility that
The bowels of the earthThe bowels of the earthThe bowels of the earth

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this opening be the representation of the andean world and perhaps the whole context means that the only way to ge the abundance from different perspectives is having our “hearts open” expression that operates the same way with that one of “Open mind”.

Ancestral societies in the Andes had considered the “Great Cave” or The “Under world” the realm where life has been created due the conection with the celestial river or Milky Way; in so doing one can access to this chamber and request with faith many things such as happiness, abundance, love. Unfortunately several societies misundertood the origimal meanig of this place and used it as a sacrificial altar or for offerings specially when some calamiies took place.

So if ou are willing to visit this interesting site which is not far from the city, you can there walking keeping in mind as a starting point the neighboorhood of San Blas, it will take around thirty minutes ascending the slope; however I recommend you to hire a tour guide for you not waste time wandering by trying to locate this site.

You can void the uphill by taking taxi from the city until certain point
The sacred altar The sacred altar The sacred altar

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and then continue by easy walk.

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