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August 19th 2018
Published: August 19th 2018
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Temple of the StarsTemple of the StarsTemple of the Stars

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Temple of the stars

The temple of the stars is located in downtown, only two blocks from the main square of Cusco, in the current monastery of the religious order run by the Dominicans known as well as «Qorikancha» so named in the native language, and translated literally as the «golden enclosure» due the sheets of gold that covered the outer wall.

In such a location most of the higher deities of the Inca elite people and its temples were settled among them the aforementioned temple of the stars as well as that one of the rainbow, lightning, Venus, Moon and the Sun. All this information of course comes from the chroniclers who witnessed this process of conquest by the church and the Spanish.

Fortunately the temple of the stars is there standing beautifully with its fine stonework, beside the centuries, a couple of earthquakes, and the reused by the friars as part of Monastery.

What is very remarkable there is the astronomical alignments with the winter solstice as you can see in the drawing, this alignment is exactly 66.5 degrees azimuth; even though some specialists argue that the alignment has an error of about 2 degrees because the site is about seven thousand years old and not as the traditional information stay an antiquity of no more than 600 years old.

What is truth is that excavations proved that earlier cultures settled there before the Incas and its used was religious as well observation of the stars and constellations such as Pleiades that appears about two hours before the sun, of course its meaning it related to the «abundance» like most of the ancient cultures.

If a planet like Jupiter appears together just before the sunrises that will be a good sign for the production of the agriculture during the rainy season.

Pleiades constellation is known in other cultures as the «seven stars», even though nowadays with modern astronomy we are sure that scientifically they are more than seven stars.


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