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April 10th 2018
Published: April 10th 2018
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Sunday was lazy – in between watching the US Masters and Arsenal sadly beating Southampton, I went to the Cathedral in Cusco. The square was busy with processions of all sorts - I assume just a normal Sunday in Cusco. Definitely less busy than when I was last there during their Easter celebrations, but still a hive of activity. In the Cathedral you’re not allowed to take pictures unfortunately, but I can say it is probably the most impressive Cathedral I’ve ever been in. Really highly decorated with gold and silver everywhere, and lots of artwork covering almost every inch of the walls. There is also a giant painting of the Last Supper with a cooked chinchilla on the table, for an Andean twist. Nice.

Talking of food, later I ate pollo a la brasa. Which is basically rotisserie chicken, but sooo much better than a Sainsburys version. I don’t know what they do to it, but it might even be better than Nando’s…plus, it comes with chip shop chips (NOT fries), the most British thing I have found.

This morning (it was closed on Sunday), I went to the Inca Museum. Which was worth it just to see
the mummies. The Incans apparently would on occasion remove important mummies from their tombs and put them at the dinner table for big celebrations, as if they were still alive. Kind of like slightly gruesome dolls I guess. They have loads of other artefacts in the museum – I mean LOADS – and all the descriptions are in Spanish and English, which is a bonus. It looked a little less tired than some of the other museums, and I couldn’t stop staring at the photos they have of Machu Picchu when it was re-discovered and excavated in 1912.

For my last lunch in Cusco I weighed up the guinea pig versus the alpaca (not literally - they are hard to catch), and went for the latter in a well-reviewed restaurant near my accommodation. It tasted so much like pork, I actually wondered if they’d tricked me. I suppose I’ll never know, unless I throw up because it was definitely pink (which is how alpaca should be, I understand).

Now I am in Lima, after a taxi ride which was longer than the flight, but with a nice man with whom I could practice my Spanish. I had prepared this time, and asked the AirBnB host of my accommodation to send his friend, rather than get ripped off again. First impressions are good (despite the traffic), but that’s usually the case with cities that have a beach. Restaurants everywhere and I’m right in the middle of all of them, it seems. I’m a little sad I only have 1.5 days here, but that’s an excuse to come back and eat my way round the place.

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