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January 29th 2011
Published: January 29th 2011
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Hello! Wow what an amazing week! Dave and I split up to see Machu Pichu, the Inka ruins, in different ways. So we now have different stories to tell! We are learning lots about the ancient civilizations in Peru and other regions through the museums and our tour guides at the top of Machu Pichu. In part of our amazing journey, was an interesting visit to both our intestines, of travelers diarr... Read Full Entry

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6500 metre peak.6500 metre peak.
6500 metre peak.

I can't remember the name of the peak.
A rather sketchy looking bridge!A rather sketchy looking bridge!
A rather sketchy looking bridge!

We had to cross it too!!!

30th January 2011

Boy what a trip, you sure are learning about so many countries, Congratulation MOM
30th January 2011
On the trail

Machu Pichu
Is there any connection to Makka Pakka, a strange critttur who spends his life washing stones and other peoples faces? He lives in the Night garden, a kiddies programme!! He plays alongside the Pontipines, the wottingers, the Ninky Nonk and Pinky Ponk to name but a few!!!!
30th January 2011
Beautiful shot by Theresa

Lovely picture - you just can't help smiling back! :)
30th January 2011

Hi Mom
Yes, we are learning lots and having lots of fun!
30th January 2011

Hi Elaine!!
HAHA!!!!!!! If there wasn"t any relation, I think there should be!! LOL!! Keep up the great comments! I"m almost falling off my chair at some of your funnies!! T xx
30th January 2011

To AnnaAdventuring
Hi Anna, thanks. This was one of those photos that happens by chance and luck (right time, right place). Such magic in it. Thanks for your comment.
30th January 2011

Beautiful photos, breathtaking shots I can only imagine the actual feelings when you become part of the mystical site. Enjoy, take care, stay solid!!!!
31st January 2011

Love the Title
Hi Guys Glad to see you're still standing and doing cool stuff and of course, the all important bowel movement! LOL Take Care and Living Vicariously Through You Two, xoxo
31st January 2011

Hello from Churchill
Hello Teresa and Dave, Great pics! Can't believe you ran into Raymond-too funny! Have a great time... Heather M
31st January 2011

Hi Heather
Yes, funny how it is a small world!
5th February 2011

once again
Once again I'm enjoying your photos and thinking what a wonderful time you must be having. take care sharon

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