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April 18th 2008
Published: April 20th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

So i had an earlish night and woke up refreshed and grabbed breakie with Ian and the Irish boys and then we checked emails and stuff and Ian checked out as he belived his trek was on the 18th and on checking his emails he realised it was the 19th and so he had to recheck in and he luckily got the same bed again.

The Irish boys headed off to get there hire gear for the trek, as they are hiring small day packs,waterproofs and sleeping bags etc,i have hiking boots etc and i only needed to hire a sleeping bag which i will pick up from the trek company tomorrow evening. I went to get cash out to pay the balance of my trek and the place was closed rill 4pm and so i came back to the hostel and grabbed food and chatted to a few folk and chilled out till then.

I then headed back and cash machines in south america are my bug bear as i could not get out the right amount i needed for the trek and for the local cash i needed, so i wont miss that when i leave south america.

I hand over the cash and got a voucher for my trek and i get picked up between 5.20am and 6am on the 21st....ouccccch.

I had a very brief briefing t the office and given a map and dvd and so i hope the trek is good as the one Ian has was more expensive and with gap but he has a night at hotel the night before the trek as part of it and a breifing at the hotel and also my trek group has 16 people and i have to carry all my stuff including my sleeping bag so im going to have to pack light.

I headed back to the hostel and the plan was to go out for dinner at an aussie place in Cusco with Ian,Adam,an aussie girl and the irish boys. Well they must have gone out when i wasnt looking as it hit evening and i couldnt find them and i met up with an english guy mike and a danish guy jens and then i met some english gilrs and lad called jack and a kiwiw girl and we planned to get food later at an english place called the real mccoy.

So later i played 5 a side rootie at the hostel which was fun but hard work because of the altitude. Then we headed out for a meal and the real mccoy was packed and so we looked at somewhere else and jens headed for his bus to la paz.

We found somewhere for 10 soles for soup and a main course and free garlic bread and pisco sour each and then we had cheap piscos sours afterwards and then we trailed some bars for free drink offers and then ended up im mama africas until gone 4am.

I was knackered this morning and had about 5 hours sleep as i was up at 11am and i chatted on msn to my girlfriend and john is back from his trek and we chatted for a bit and i chatted to Ian before he checked out.

I then watched a movie to kill sometime and then read some of my latest book and then went back on to chat to my girlfriend again on MSN. Then watched more movies and made dinner and that was about it really.

Then i was up early this morning and put my washing in and was planning to go to a market with some english girls but they decided not to bother and so i spent all morning on msn to my girlfriend and watched the Man u game and then chatted some more with my girlfriend.

Then met up with some english guys, a dutch and danish guy and some irish girls and the drink started flowing and by 2am i was as pissed as a fart and i also forgot to pick up my sleeping bag and so i had to call the trek companys out of hours number to try and sort it out and so either tomorrow night i will get a sleeping bag dropped off or i will get one when im picked up on monday for my trek.


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