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February 3rd 2010
Published: February 3rd 2010
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Buenos Stardes Gringos,

The time is near 5pm here which I guess means the time is near 10pm in England. Since my last entry on Tuesday some things have changed for me, though not a great deal for the group as a whole. Our inventory manager was sacked; I think it´s down to some misdemeanors and internal politics within the organization.

Bar Friday it’s been a monotonous few days of catching up with work and community work.
On Friday I woke up early and put my jeans and shirt with a jumper on, it’s the neatest stuff I have, I knew I’d get hot in them on the way back but wanted to make some for of effort. The bus took hours and was bloody packed. I eventually turned up on the wrong side of Lima with 30 minutes to go. I quickly hailed a cab which slightly overcharged me but I didn’t care…..I was on time!

I scaled the building in a plush lift all the way to the 22nd floor and met Andrew Morris; it was nice to watch the BBC News while waiting. Andrew had a wiry stature and loosely wore his chequered shirt. He
working working working

building a front door
offered me a glass of water and I accepted. We discussed many things including myself and Peru; he thought he could use me by me reinterpreting information on potential contracts-tenders coming from the Peruvian government, aiming them at British business. I agreed that I could do this and he´s just seeing if he can maybe sort some form of payment system out for me.

Once I left the building I decided to grab of coffee and a sandwich before I commenced the journey home. I stopped off at a café on Kennedy Park showing the Man City v Man Utd game. Before I knew it Ross Kemp and some of his colleagues were drinking wine behind me and I went over to say hello. They offered me a seat and some wine…….clearly I accepted. I sat with them for a few hours catching up with what they have been up to and where they plan to go, they asked the same questions of me. They gave me an email for when I get back to London and said I should get in touch, I will do when I get back and maybe they will be able to get me

People still on the bus while its being towed?
a job………who knows.

It was a good journey home, not only did I not have to do manual labor today I had hopefully scored some opportunities. As I came into Ventanilla you could see enormous chalk names etched into the mountain side, they’re all political leaders names as the elections are on the horizon, I wonder what they will be like? A great song and dance I can imagine, hopefully peaceful and fair though.

I called on a friend on the way back to share the news and his mum was on the other side of the road talking to a little lad with a sack over his shoulder. It looked pretty serious but I didn’t want to get involved. A couple of minutes later she came over explaining in broken English and Spanish that the boys dad beats him if he does not sell enough bread. By this time he had gone round the corner, I ran after him and caught up with him, he was balling his eyes out and looked pretty terrified, I gave him all the money I had which was only 4 Sols (1 pound) and told him to shush, I didn’t really

Me with some guards near by, the guns are classic!!
know what else to say so walked off, I felt sorry for him but realized I couldn’t do anything except for that.

Also earned myself an official warning today as I had gone on a nearby mountain called gorilla mountain a week before……..standard procedure I suppose.


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Gorilla Mountain!Gorilla Mountain!
Gorilla Mountain!

I´ve had a shave!

Dad, for your wall :)

4th February 2010

Hi Son
Hi Adam, that was a great blog thanks - very interesting! Did you manage to get a follow up from Andrew Morris? You must have been sweating by the time you got to his office aye! What was so wrong with visiting Gorilla mountain, seems a bit OTT giving you a reprimand? Please post some more photos, I would really like to have a photo of you up on my office wall Keep up the good work son! Love ya proudly Dad
10th February 2010

You aren't allowed to have fun Adam, now pick up some stones and sweep the dust or summin'!
12th February 2010

Oh that made me cry about the little boy but at least for one day he may not get beaten...... so so sad... I loved the pic of you and the police.... I cannot believe you met Ross Kemp, should have taken pic, I could have sent it to Heat magazine! That's fantastic news about the embassy contact, keep emailing them so they don't forget you! ps about cockerel, can't you put band over it's break? keep these coming I love to read them, lots of love, mum x

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