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March 24th 2011
Published: March 24th 2011
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Hello again mis amigos!
Yes I have deserted Old Blighty once again, for pastures Peruvian. So I am going to bring you all up to speed...
I left Friday evening, and arrived Sunday morning in Ayacucho. Now look at that sentence again. Yeah...two days. Two days of my life either sat in a plane or in an airport alone. The journey was horrendous. The stuff of nightmares. First of all I had a 12 hour flight to Rio in Brazil. Now that was alright. It was a night flight so pretty relaxed. Then a 9 hour wait in Rio for my 1 hour flight to Sao Paolo. The wait was tedious, but better than the 24 hour wait I done in Lima last year. Then Sao Paolo...this is where the faeces hits the fan. I have never been to such a badly organised, incompetent airport in all my life. I had a 3 hour transfer time, which I thought was plenty of time to get boarding pass and get through security and passport control. WRONG. Firstly security...well there were two sections one for Brazilians and one for foreigners....Our section had ONE person ONE PERSON. The Brazilian team had 5. So you can imagine the queue. Likely the massive backlog of tired, passive aggresive foreigners prompted someone to change the dynamics and share the security 50/50. Finally got to the metal detectors and was told to wait. I couldn´t go through it just yet. So I´m waiting.....and waiting....oh shift change. Man they must have a fucking god union, because that girl was not going to work one single minute over her time. Bang, through security, passport control....massive queue...get to the front...and whatdaya know.....SHIFT CHANGE.... some German man got really irate....and in broken English managed to convey his disgust at waiting....it was quite funny...but not funny enough for me not be panicing about my flight. All I can say is thankfully my luggage was being automatically transfered to Lima, because if I had had to wait for my luggage and then do check-in, I would have definitely missed my flight.
Anyway so flight to Lima....what is it with people and noises....I mean seriously. I was sleep deprived, stressed after the Sao Paolo debacle and hungry...and I had some idiot behind me who continued to clear his throat for 5 hours. I mean dry straining in his throat..like he wanted to cough up phelgm...but couldnt quite manage it....for 5 hours. I honestly do not know how I exercised the self control not to turn round and just smack him in his face. I just think I shouldn´t fly.....my legs definitely shouldnt...by the time I got to Lima...they were of doner kebab proportions...sooooo swollen....its funny now but for a hypochondriac....it was a sign of blood clots and my imminent collapse in Lima where I would spend my 4 months in Peru in hospital...luckily I was being paranoid.
Finally Lima....6 hour wait....where I managed to sleep for 1 hour on the floor like a dog. And finally Ayaycucho....
So I am here...it was amazing to see the Senoritas and the kids, all of them remembered me. And mi Eberson.........he is learning to walk by himself....the progress he has made is amazing. The volunteers house is the same, dominated by French. I am thinking of moving, there is another house for volunteers a little further up from the casa. So we will see. Otherwise I am here.....once again!!!
Over and out
ps I am not even going to attempt to proof-read this....


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