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October 16th 2012
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Soooo... I was in Arequipa for 5 days... 4 nights. It is a beautiful city, I dont even know where to start...

I stayed at a hostel the first two nights. Arequipay backpackers (great place). But then I went couchsurfing with Percy, who hosted another girl from Germany at the same time and two more girls from Argentina the following day.

Arequipa is beautiful, the sun shines 360 days per year and thats already a reason to love this place 😊

What I found quite weird is how the relation of certain prices work... I mean, a 3 course lunch with drink costs 7 soles (About 2 euro) just as much as sending a postcard to europe... ?!?!

On Sunday I went to the Colca Canyon, its said to be twice as deep as the Gran Canyon! It was a cool one day trip, beautiful scenery and we got to watch some condors flying over our heads (they get up to 90 years old and when the wings are open they reach up to 3meters!!!)!

The funniest thing what happened on the trip was on an uphill busride, when we watched another bus not managing to get to the top of a very sandy hill, so they made the passengers get off... and WALK!!! haha.

Otherwise I tried the best ceviche, which is raw fish a bit cooked through the acid of lime, the restaurant was called MARES and its impossible to get any better than that! Also I tried some pisco sour... delicious but a killer... its a typical peruvian drink, made out of their liquor, lime juice, some sugar and eggwhite. Really good!! And of course the CHIFA, which is chinese food but with some peruvian influence.

And what I learned: the rice throughout Central and South America comes from the Chinese (no one before knew this, they always said they didnt know why there is so much rice in their culture). So what happened was after slavery was prohibited, chinese people were brought to Peru and more or less enslaved, this is why there is so much chinese influence, especially in the food.

I arrived in Cusco this morning, I love this city already, have had a great breakfast at the local market, coffee for 1 sol (1 euro is about 3,20 soles), bread with egg for 1,50 😊 and then some fresh juice with a second refill for 4 soles, somewhat expensive I have to say haha :P

Updates, pictures and everything else will follow soon!!

besitos Dianita


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