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January 28th 2012
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Feliz NavidadFeliz NavidadFeliz Navidad

Las chicas y yo :) The girls and I on Christmas morning. :)
Hello to all!!

Sorry it's been so long! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year-- and Happy Valentine's Day! As most of you know, I was here in Peru for the New Year and Christmas. Spending Christmas away from home, was definitely hard-- but do-able. Here in Arequipa the Christmas celebrations are a little different. They open their gifts on Christmas Eve night at about midnight, and they shoot off a bunch of fireworks.... they also throw and aim fireworks at each other. BUT everyone survived. I've been to the beach... waaaaaay up north and it was AWESOME!

New news.. the Home (orphanage) is getting very very very crowded! Recently we have recieved 2 families, and a few more random kids. Please send warm thoughts and prayers our way. We need beds, and space, and workers, and love... lots of love always. Other news for those of you who haven't heard, or didn't know-- I'm planning on staying longer. I'm going to take a Spanish course and I'm just not really ready to return yet. Hopefully it will all work out. There have been some amazing family and friends that have helped me along the way. A big shout out to
La QuinceneraLa QuinceneraLa Quincenera

One of the girls' on her 15th birthday :)
my Round-Up team from my second summer in Colorado as an intern. I always believe that if you are meant to do something, or if something is meant to be it will happen. Because of thier financial support I'm staying past March! Whoop whoop. Oh another shout out-- Aunt Clara sent me some of her world famous nuts-n-bolts (homemade chex mix) It was awesome and my go-to snack for about a month! 😊 I savored ever last crumb.

Other news, other news.. oh geeze the rain the rain the RAIN. Now I know what rainy season means here in beautiful Arequipa. The river is about to flood, the water randomly gets cut off throughout the city, and there are small flash floods. It's a blast haha-- it's cold. But I have a good roommate, food, and shelter. I would say I'm better off than the majority of the country. I love it here, even when it's rainy, and yucky, and kinda depressing. My Spanish is picking up-- but as I stated earlier I'll be enrolling in some classes to "mejorarme"... make myself better.

Ohhh yeah, I forgot--- my awesome roommate's birthday was a couple of weeks ago!!! 😊
My roomie JuliaMy roomie JuliaMy roomie Julia

Juila and I before we went to dance a little bit of salsa for her birthday :)
Her fiance has a salsa class, and it's pretty kickass. 😊 this is THE Julia Black, before we went out for her birthday. 😊

I think that's about all the news for now-- again sorry it took so long, and sorry it's not very detailed. I'll try to be newsier more often.

Miss you all,

Much love from Peru 😊


11th February 2012

Glad you are still alive!
Continue to have fun on your wonderful adventure. Great to hear from you. Peace. Love. Susan

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