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April 11th 2006
Published: April 12th 2006
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Friends for two hoursFriends for two hoursFriends for two hours

The mad Belgiums and the two German dental students who pulled a lot of teeth in Peru
So yesterday, the 11th I decided to study after my Spanish lessons and not go into town with the teachers as it takes a lot of time and you can´t get to study anything when you´re finished with all the things they organise. Unfortenately they had also organised a cocktail making course in the Spanish cafe at 6 pm. So I studied from 1 till 4 on the highest roof terrace on the plaza de armas.

Two German guys and two Belgiums from Ghent got talking to each other and exchanged stories about Peru, so I called my study a day and joined in to have a few bears with them. The two Belgiums had like 5 whiskeys each and were pretty drunk, they were going to take the nightbus to Cusco and they could only survive drunk in the bus they told me. So after a few bears it was time for the cocktail making party. Renzo my Spanish teacher who also functions as a bartender, showed us how to make a Pisco sour. Here´s the recipe: first 5 cubes of ice, then 2 to 3 cocktail cups of pisco, then 2 cups of sugar water and 1 fresh
Cocktail classesCocktail classesCocktail classes

Denise from Surinam, Kim from Korea and Triz from Ireland.
lime squeezed, finally top of the head of an egg and pour in the eggwhite, then start shaking till your hands are frozen, enjoy!

Next we had to make a machu picchu, looks great, like the reggae flag, tastes horrible. Meanwhile the rest of the students dropped in, Denise a Dutch girl from Surinam and Kim from Korea all got to taste their own cocktails and Kim who I met before was joined by her Irish friend Triz. They were allready pretty drunk and wanted to get some more booze. So when the cocktail making class was over we decided to hit for Philly´s coffeeshop around the corner.
For 10 soles we got a jug off Pisco sour and were joined by a few Peruvians, who got drunk for free. The Irish girl went out for half an hour and came back stoned... Mmm, not too clever I think.

So what else has happened? Last sunday we had the elections here and that ment it was forbidden to serve alcohol during the weekend, starting from friday 4 o´clock. That was a bit of a pity as on friday we wanted to have a few drinks. Luckely we found
Renzo and meRenzo and meRenzo and me

My Spanish teacher and me in front of El Misty
a Mexican restaurant that was willing to serve us tequila disguised in coffeecups. Every once in a while a police officer would look into the restaurant to ensure nobody was breaking the law, which was good fun!

Next saturday I went to visit the Cathedral and the mummy museum on Santa Catalina. They have frozen Inca mummy´s here, found on the top of the vulcanos. Juanita was discovered in 1995, by Dr. Johan Reinhard when the vulcano Sabancaya erupted. The vulcano is 6,380 meteres high and when it erupted the other frozen vulcano´s melted and gave away the over 500 years ago offered Inca children. All were amazingly preserved through their frozen state. Juanity who is currently on display is still kept at minus 20 degrees and looks terrifying alive.

Saturday night I was picked up by Renzo and the two dutch girls, to go to his Mum´s birthday. All the the sisters of Renzo and their esposos were there and had you guessed it right a lot of Pisco. Next we went on to a party at Jenny´s house, who is a teacher as well in the Spanish school and had a good laugh doing the merengue and some salsa, which I am crap in of course.

Sunday election day, all the Peruvians are obliged to vote if not they are fined a 165 soles which is impossible for most of them to pay. So all of them vote. Big runners up were Ollanta, Garcia and Lourdes. Since no one got the needed 50% majority of the votes, there´s going to be a second round within the next 30 days. More then likely Ollanta is going to win, which is not very good for the country as he´s an old military person, who is very right wingish person, who wants al the foreigners out of the country, especially all the Chilean people.

Also as it is the week before easter there´s loads of processions, tossing Christ and Maria everywhere from church to church. We had agreat view from the top of the roof on Plaza del Armas. It took around 50 people to carry them. We spent the rest of the day besides a pool in a big sporting complex, studying.

On monday the teachers took us to a viewing point out of town, where we had great views on El Misty, Sabancaya and all the other vulcanos in the area. The first week they weren´t visible, but every day the view is improving. It is quite impressive to see all these big vulcanos when you´re in the town as they tower up to over 6000 meters. There´s alot of vulcanic activity in the area. The last time there was a devastating earthquake was in 2001 and all of the vulcano´s are still active. El misty is only 17 km away from town and people will have no time to evacuate when it will erupt.

Time for a beer now I guess!

Hasta Luego!


14th April 2006

Spaanse les?
Ha die Mischa, Het lijkt me meer een drankcursus dan een Spaanse les. Volgende keer maar eens een update in het Spaans! Maar wel gezellig! Leuk dat je zo veel verschillende mensen ontmoet. Wij zijn bezig voor de herfstvakantie: Andalusie wordt het! Altijd een paar vakanties in het vooruitzicht hebben toch? Hoe is het met je woning? Al verhuurd? Hier is het weer trouwens nog steeds pet! Maar ja nu wel ff 5 dagen vrij, dus dat is wel weer lekker! Het beste weer en hasta luego! Annet en Karel en Tim!
14th April 2006

for the cell phone idea I guess I might bring a charger from home. Sounds like your liver is learning alot!
14th April 2006

scratch that idea
Did you have to buy a charger for your cell? My voltage is 120 not 220 and I read Arequipa is 50Hz. BTW thanks for the blog.
15th April 2006

El Misty
Jij hebt de El Misty ieder geval nog gezien. Toen wij in Arequipa waren, bleeftie in nevelen gehuld! Volgens mij hebben wij op dezelfde plaats gestaan als jij zo aan de foto te zien. Wel leuk om alles te lezen van A, het meeste hebben wij natuurlijk ook bezocht. Nou veel plezier maar verder.
17th April 2006

cell phone
I bought the whole lot, so a phone including a charger. Voltage here is 220. Connectors here take European as well as American plugs.
19th April 2006

Mas preguntas
Thanks for the answer Mischa, so for 150 soles did the phone come with call time? Is it pay as you go? Sorry I dont even have a cell here at home but I think it would nice to have there. Did you do any mountain biking yet? I see El Misti mentioned in another language. I was thinking of biking down El Misti or climbing it. If you do I would love to hear about it. Gracias, hasta luego.
19th April 2006

cell phone
it came with 5 soles call time. I bought a 20 soles upgrade. Smsing costs .10 soles and to europe not much more then .30 soles. Not everybody can receive them though. Calling locally or within Peru is really cheap. I am using it all the time and still have 15 soles left after nearly 3 weeks. Yes indeed it is el Misti:) Too lazy to change that all. I am not going to climb or bike down El Misti. Instead I hiked for three days in Colca Canyon. This weekend I will go to Corire, a three hours busride from here, to see petroglyphes and Dino eggs! When will you be arriving in Arequipa? Make sure you have enough insect repellent as you have the tiniest musquitos here (look like fruit flies) which bite you and only start to itch ater two days and drive you mad! I was bitten two weeks ago and they still itch and leave tiny scars behind.... hmmmm. Anyway Arequipa is great you will have a lot of fun! Mischa

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