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South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz July 20th 2012

Firstly our bus trip up to Hauraz- eish, seats at the front on the top of the swaying double decker bus plus 8 hours of switch back roads plus gaining 4000m from the coast– made for an eventful trip. Won’t go into too much detail but needless to say that we have booked the more expensive seats downstairs for the return bus! We are loving our time here in Hauraz (pronounced Wa-ras). It is a popular base town for the enormous amount of treks and adventure sports in the nearby Cordillera Blanca, proved by the many North Face branded gringos. We find ourselves being totally gob smacked every now and then when you glance up and see the huge snow capped mountains peeking out from every direction. Hauraz sits at a comfortably high 3100m. We are ... read more
Pre Inca Ruins

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz July 18th 2012

Day 274 Wednesday 11th July Once again we have found ourselves stuck in a town a day longer than we wanted to. Our bus wasn’t departing till 9pm so we decided to sleep in and get a late breakfast and hang in our room for as long as we could. Because the hotel is being extended the tradesman came through at 7.30 and by 8 the power tools were going full blast so that was as late as we could sleep. We wandered around to the café in the mall for another great breakfast and then returned to pack. Went to have a shower and discovered we didn’t have any water but after complaining we got it. Checked out right on midday and left our bags at the hotel and took a short taxi ride to ... read more

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park July 17th 2012

Our first impressions of Peru along the bleak barren coast were now a ten hour overnight bus ride behind us. And what a contrast. Where as a dusty desert defined our last few days, now snowy spiraling peaks and picturesque mountain villages predominated our new Peru. Arriving in Huaraz at 4:00 A.M., we hopped a taxi to the Casablanca Hostel ($15 a night including continental breakfast ) and were surprisingly given early morning check in at no extra cost. We promptly crashed. Huaraz is the place to go for trekking and serious mountain climbers. Just outside town are many towering peaks poking the sky at 20,000 feet and higher. These granite gifts from God seduce you to get outdoors, sign up for treks and spend time wondering how insignificant man is beneath these behemoths. Wasting no ... read more
Local Huaraz Taxi
Our Group
Day 1 Campsite

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park June 30th 2012

הגענו לוואראז! יש כאן כמות מטורפת של ישראלים - בכל מקום שומעים עברית - כנראה הם נמשכים לכאן בגלל כמות הטרקים הענקית שיש כאן. פגשנו חבר´ה שכבר חודש וחצי בוואראז ורק עושים טרקים - גרמו לנו להרגיש כמו ילדים (כבר פחות התלהבנו מהטרק וחצי שעשינו...). בכל מקרה, החלטנו להתחיל עם טיול יום למקום הכי מדובר בוואראז - לגונה 69. זו לגונה שנמצאת איפשהוא בהרים, והיא אמורה להיות בצבע טורקיז ומסביבה הרים מושלגים - בגלל זה כולם מתלהבים ממנה והיא מאד מפורסמת. היא נקראת לגונה 69 - משום שמסביב יש מלא לגונות ויום א... read more
מתחילים את הטרק ללגונה 69
ממשיכים את הטרק ללגונה 69

South America » Peru » Ancash » Cordillera Blanca May 30th 2012

A week ago, I hadn’t heard of Vallunaraju. I’d barely heard of Huaraz, to be honest, having not really focussed on the itinerary beyond the end of the then-current leg of our Dragoman expedition in Lima. The friends leaving us there were of more concern than what might lie in wait for us once we escaped the grey drabness of Peru’s capital. Now I’ve gazed on her peaks and dared to aspire to conquer her. I’ve trudged through her snowfields and peered down her icicle-ringed crevasses. I’ve heard the wind whistle across her base camp and flap our lightweight tent so viciously that we half-feared we’d be suffocated in the night. We didn’t arrive in Huaraz with the intention of doing much more than maybe a day’s horse-riding. Lima had been far from tranquil, and we ... read more
colourful mosses
what a colour!
pretty in orange

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz May 20th 2012

Our next destination... And they say the best things are unplanned and this one certainly supported this notion.... We decided after a bit of investigatory work that rather than head down the coast as we'd originally planned we'd head up first for a bit of high altitude hiking in the second largest mountain range in the world the Cordillera Blanca.... And stay in the city of Huaraz way up in the mountains. Darragh had been there and supported our idea with good feedback about the place so we booked our bus... A day time bus on recommendation as the scenery on the journey was supposed to be breathtaking and it was said to be a bit of a waste if you headed up at night and missed it! Chris at the hostel said give yourself 45 ... read more
Bienvenidos a Huanchao
Further up into the hills above Huaraz
The cemetery at Yungay

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz April 16th 2012

Well, Mike, I think you were right. Before we came to South America you mentioned Huaraz as one of your favorite, or perhaps your favorite, town on your trip. Huaraz looks to be my favorite place as well. We have spent a full 8 days here, significantly more than anywhere else, and it has been fantastic. Huaraz is a town of about 120,000 people, sitting at about 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) in elevation. It is bordered on the east side by the Cordillera Blanca, which has a plethora of 5,000+ meter tall mountains that are snow covered and glaciated year round. On the west are the Cordillera Negra which are not as high, but still impressive mountains. The Cordillera Blanca are encompassed by Huascaran National Park, which we explored quite a bit on our visit...although we ... read more
5,000 meters!
5,000 meter high five

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz December 19th 2011

Just some pictures from our trip to Huaraz.... read more
Arrivo... 0500Hrs!
Arrivo... de sueño??
Escaleras arriba y a dormir!

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Huascaran National Park November 19th 2011

My first two stops in Peru couldn´t have been more different. After a very bizarre border crossing (the two border posts are a few miles apart, with an entire town in between) and a relatively painless bus journey I arrived in Mancora – a very gringo beach town. I can´t pretend that Mancora is a place with character, or even an impressive beach – but it was sunny. After a 3 weeks in the mountains and the rest of my trip looking to be spent at altitude (followed by my impending return to England in the midst of winter) this was going to be my one and only chance to top up the tan and enjoy the sun. I busied myself over the next few days wandering down to the beach, drinking fresh coconut water and ... read more

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz November 14th 2011

Yes dear readers, your correspondent is back with more tales of derring-do and adventure without any embellishment or sophistry. There have being rumblings that perhaps I – in the past – possibly exaggerated a few areas of my reports, a charge I could not possibly answer without the aid of a damn fine solicitor. Anyway after I fought off the tigers all was well !! We arrived in Huaraz by bus and still a bit tired after the trials of Macchu Pichuu ( your correspondent had to spend 2 days in bed with a badly sprained ankle – thankfully his own) so a day or two relaxation was called for. Sadly, as is usually the case in such matters, this was not to be the case. Our hostal had information concerning trips to local areas of ... read more
memorial to 25000 people
crushed bus
Lake LLanganuco

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