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April 16th 2015
Published: May 3rd 2015
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The experience in the jungle will be yet another that we will never forget. If I'm honest I had a few sleepless nights doubting if we were doing the right thing by taking the kids on an authentic trip deep into the jungle.

Arriving at the Iquitos airport we were greeted by our Amazon Explorer guide "Mardan" which was fantastic. He took us to our hostel and picked us up the next morning for our orientation. After the orientation I felt everyone's excitement and trepidation. This was it we were finally here!

Our adventure started at 7am with an 1.5hrs. drive to Nauta where we were dropped off about a mile from the water, taking a motortaxi to our peka peka boat. We humped a small backpack each and helped carry our supplies for our 3day excursion.

It was a 3hr. tranquil boat ride into the jungle. We went into Pacaya Samiris National Park!

Our destination was outside the small native village of Buenos Aires were we stayed with a native family.

We were greeted with big hugs and a wonderfully warm welcome by Alandeano and his wife.

During the next 3 days we explored

There were 3 Bushmaster (deadliest snake in the jungle) found and killed within 100m of were we stayed. It is the rainy season so the water is high, higher than normal. The Bushmaster never usually come this close to the river but they are searching for food!! Yikes
the jungle by peka peka boat, handmade dug out canoe and by foot, as well enjoying the Nativo cuisine.

Max and Liv carved spears with the native kids and learned how to weave a palm for their traditional roofs.

It was truly an unforgettable experience!

Check out this video on YouTube:


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Olivia learning to make a typical roof out of palmsOlivia learning to make a typical roof out of palms
Olivia learning to make a typical roof out of palms
Were we slept and ateWere we slept and ate
Were we slept and ate
Canoeing in the jungleCanoeing in the jungle
Canoeing in the jungle
Finishing for Pirahana Finishing for Pirahana
Finishing for Pirahana
Native family we stayed with!Native family we stayed with!
Native family we stayed with!
Our peka peka boatOur peka peka boat
Our peka peka boat
Kids hanginKids hangin
Kids hangin

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