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South America » Peru » Amazonas » Kuélap July 14th 2013

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Kuélap November 6th 2010

Do Chachapoyasu jsme dorazili brzy rano a hned se shaneli po minibusu do vesnice Tingo, kde jsme se ubytovali v mistni hospedaje - hospoda s bydlenim. Okamzite vyrazili smerem ke Kuelapu, misto asi 4 hodiny /podle mistnich 2-3h/ vzdalenem, vystavenem kmenem Chacha, pozdeji obydleny Inky. Cesta byla kruta - prekonali jsme prevyseni celkem 1500metru- coz znamena porad do kopce a navic nam nepralo pocasi, tedy hodne svitilo slunce...Stalo to ale za to. Na celou stavbu se pouzilo 3 x vice stavebniho materialu nez na velkou pyramidu v Egypte. Je postaven z vapence a jeho obranne zdi jsou asi 20 metru vysoke. Bylo zde asi 200 kamennych domu a z nich se dochovaly pouze zaklady, i kdyz se mistni snazi alespon cast rekonstruovat a jeden dum je na ukazku hotovy cely i se strechou. Kolem i vevnitr ... read more
Najdes monstrum?/Can u find the monster?
kone v oblacich/horses in the sky

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Kuélap December 9th 2009

Well after a long and round-about way, we reached the ruins of Kuelap through the tiny hamlet of Maria. This is how it went: We bought our tickets for the bus ride to Maria and were all set to get up and on the bus at 3 am the next day. We tossed and turned, worried about missing our early morning bus, so much so that I hardly slept at all. I awoke at 12, 1:30, 1:55, 2:10 and 3:45. Panic! We missed the bus. the alarm never went off, so far as we can tell and we went to bed dejected but hopeful that would be able to get tickets for the next morning and just chalk up our loses to one day. However. We went to the ticket office and tried to tell them ... read more
Maria Cow
The outer wall
Front Gate

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Kuélap April 5th 2009

We only stayed on night in Celedin in transit to Tingo, which takes 9 hours over the mountains on pretty sketchy roads. Celedin was a pleasant town, quite quet and not much to see in the evenings. The bus route to Tingo though provided the most beautiful panaroamic views of the mountains, it really made the 9hour trip worth it. When we arrived in Tingo, we found one hostal, two restaurants and roughgly ten houses, it was a pretty small village, situated right on the river. The next day we got up at 6am to have a cold shower, before setting off to walk to Kuelap. We could have got a taxi which would have takn a hour, but intstead we chose to walk 9km, up 1200m, for 4 hours, to get to Kuelap. IT WAS ... read more
The origional Inca steps upto the fortress
Views half way up the mountain

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Kuélap May 4th 2008

Our final destination in Peru is Chachapoyas. Chacapoyas is the town which serves as an access point to Kuelap, pre incan ruins beaten in grandeur only by Machu Pichu. Twenty seven hours after we left on what should have been an eight hour journey, we arrived in Chacapoyas. To get there we encountered land slides and had to spend a whole day holed up in a very unexciting town called Pedro Ruiz. When we finally arrived the taxi driver of course ripped us off driving us to the hostel, but at least he had the decency to drive around the block a few times to pretend the journey was longer than it actually was. We spent the first day in Chachapoyas just wondering around shooting the breeze. We booked our tour for Kuelap assured that our ... read more
Inside Kuelap
Snake Carving
Fortress Kuelap

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Kuélap September 22nd 2007

el jueves fue uno de esos días muy especiales... para empezar: como q todo salió mal, jajajatuvimos q pagarle a un señor pa q nos llevara en taxi a María (el pueblo desde donde supuestamente eran 20 minutos de caminata a Kuélap)... la cosa es q el viejo q nos llevó quería puro sacarnos + plata tonces nos dejó literalmente "en el pueblo de María", desde donde tuvimos q caminar por 2 horas hasta donde los autos dejan normalmente a la gente (son como 20 minutos en auto, pero se entiende que uno se refiere a eso cuando dice el publo de María para ir a Kuélap, enfin)... la cosa es q por eso todo se atrasó, pero todo dio lo mismo: Kuélap era todo lo q había esperado... unos muros gigantescos, casi sin turistas, gran ... read more

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Kuélap July 20th 2007

July 9 Wow. Wow wow wow. I've only been in Peru for about six hours but it is a different world. Seriously, right now I am lying in bed with a pair of long underwear and pants on, a nightshirt and a sweater and wool socks and I'm still cold. We are in winter here. When we arrived, we were led in ritual opening ceremonies. We had to each take three coca leaves and smell them, and make three wishes for our time in Peru. Then we had to drink this ghastly liqueur that I swear was 90 proof. I did plenty of choking; it was really embarrassing. Then we went to the houses with our families. My mom's name is Martina and she has three kids, two girls and a boy. We had dinner ... read more

South America » Peru » Amazonas » Kuélap November 27th 2006

The trip to Kuelap was an adventure. We decided to go after hearing from a few travelers and our guide book about how amazing it was. We heard that it was recently rediscovered and is the future Macchu Picchu of northern Peru, just not as touristy and busy. So even though it wasnt in our original travel plans we decided to go for it anyway. The only problem was how we were going to get there. We were in Cajamarca when we decided to go, and there were two options to get there: rough it by jeep for 20+ hours on unpaved rocky roads that could possibly be flooded because it was rainy season in the mountains, or head back to Chiclayo by a confortable bus on a paved road and then take another comfy bus ... read more

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