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South America » Paraguay » Asunciòn April 2nd 2021

At Easter time in 2017 we found ourselves in Paraguay, we had been travelling up through Peru when El Nino caused terrible flooding and the only way to get out of Lima was to fly. Why not fly to Paraguay? The weather forecasts said it would be dry there and it seemed like an exiting plan that we were never likely to carry out at any other time. After travelling across the country to Brazil to view the Iguassu Falls, then taking an odyssey down into Argentina to view the falls from that side, we circled back into Paraguay through the Missiones. We once more found ourselves in Asuncion, on Maundy Thursday of Semana Santa. Having stayed right in the centre of the town on our first visit we decided to opt for a smarter hotel ... read more
Crumbling Colonial Building
Cemetery Statues

South America » Paraguay October 2nd 2019

The plane took off without Bev as her vacation time had come to an end. She was heading home while I would be continuing on to my next destination; Asuncion Paraguay. The two hour flight took me high over the beautiful Andean mountains. I knew nothing about Paraguay but figured that it was off the beaten path and that I would be set up nicely to visit Iguazu Falls later on. It was a balmy 36 degrees as the plane landed. Geographically speaking, this region is called the heart of South America because it's smack in the middle of the continent. I had to buy a visa with American dollars, an immaculate ones at that. In fact half of the bills that I put forward were rejected because they had a tiny dot on them or ... read more
Hanging Out
Aerial Andes View
Turi and Betun

South America » Paraguay September 2nd 2019

After visiting the amazing Iguazú Falls in Argentina together with Gideon, his wife and 3 of their friends, they all decided to visit Iguazú Falls on the Brazilian side too. I decided in advance that I did not wanted to follow the heard anymore (lol), besides I thought it would be the same falls anyway and I decided to go my own way for a week. I took a bus to the border and crossed into Brazil. The bus just drove a little bit through Brazil and then it stopped at the border and I walked into Paraguay...."¡tenés que sentirlo! (you have to feel it). That is the tourism slogan of the country! Why Paraguay? Because it's the country most people tend to skip when visiting South America thus it's not a touristy country. That is ... read more
Itaipú Dam at night
Presidential palace in Asunción
Cerro Lambaré, Asunción

South America » Paraguay » Asunciòn January 18th 2019

The ancient air conditioning unit seems to serve no other purpose than to make noise. So we slept badly and I wake up rather grumpy. We have a whole day to explore Asunción. I’m not sure what we’ll do in the afternoon. Probably sleep, as we need to leave for the airport at 3.30 am tomorrow. We set off at 9 am for some sightseeing. First stop, the railway station – South America’s first station. I ponder briefly the point of being first, it would seem beneficial to have more than one or where would the trains go? There is what can loosely describe as a museum, plus an original train from 1861. Next we go to the cathedral, which is locked. We head instead for the waterfront (the Costanera) but the cathedral’s security guard tells ... read more
Railway station
Railway station
Railway station

South America » Paraguay » Asunciòn January 17th 2019

Today we are travelling 200 miles west to the Paraguayan capital of Asunción . By bus. This is the old man’s route planning; I am a little bemused why anyone would want to do either of these things. The bus departs from Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, so first we must cross the border. We briefly consider the bus-border-bus-border-bus combination. Then book a taxi. The good news is that we make good time through the border. The bad news is that the taxi driver has forgotten the time zone change, so we arrive at the bus station two hours early. Fortunately, the bus company (NSA) has a VIP lounge where we can wait in air conditioned luxury, which is good as it’s 40 degrees outside. I’ve not been looking forward to this journey but the bus ... read more
Ciudad del Este bus station
Empanadas with security guard photobomb
Panteón de los Heroes

South America » Paraguay » Ciudad del Este October 11th 2017

El Circuito de Oro, or the Golden Circuit tour is perhaps the easiest day trip from Asuncion, so it seemed logical to book this tour is as a means of gaining a snapshot of what Paraguayan life entails beyond the context of the nation's capital city. The tour is intended to highlight a few cultural aspects of interest in a circular tour just east of Asuncion, and can be either compressed into a whirlwind half-day tour or taken at a more leisurely pace in the context of anything up to 1 or 2 full days. The majority of the towns and villages which the tour actually stops at or passes through / by are places of artisanal identity, so handicrafts ranging from hand-made guitars and harps, to pottery, filigree jewellery, clothing and leatherwork are sold in ... read more
Lakeside stalls (San Bernardino; Paraguay)
Dynamic shopping street (Ciudad del Este; Paraguay)
Commerce galore (Ciudad del Este; Paraguay)

South America » Paraguay » Asunciòn October 8th 2017

Paraguay, a landlocked South American nation, of comparatively low profile must surely only really appear on the seasoned traveller's itinerary, and even then it most probably comes across as a piece of curiosity which gives rise to a discovery process of sorts. Background reading had set the scene, but then again, this is a nation like none other, as this alternative-style blog entry should hopefully go to prove. Let's just see if the highlights of Asuncion can explain and manifest themselves through the more inexplicable findings on the trip. Up first is recoleta cemetery, and yes, this is a bona fide tourist attraction, where nothing - repeat, nothing - is quite what it seems. Whether or not you are familiar with any of the famous Paraguayans buried here ceases to matter, for this is an enclave ... read more
Wall art (Asuncion; Paraguay)
Cathedral (Asuncion; Paraguay)
Government Palace (Asuncion; Paraguay)

South America » Paraguay » Encarnacion January 3rd 2017

Time to say good bye to one of my favourite citys, will I ever get Duran Duran's song out of my head. We fly out of Santos Durmond which isn't far away so we had a bit of a sleep in before packing up and checking out. Next stop, Foz du Iguacu the step off point to the world heritage listed falls of the same name, we arrived in the rain making our way to our hotel. We have a few English channels so after visiting the supermarket we watched a bit of TV before bed. The next morning dawned clear if muggy and we walked the short distance to the bus station boarding a bus to the Iguacu falls national park arriving roughly 40 minutes later. We paid the entrance fee and boarded the bus ... read more
Devils throat
Iguacu falls
Iguacu falls

South America » Paraguay March 10th 2016

Geo: -25.4994, -54.641Now that we'd had such a great day in two countries, why not make it three? The bridge into Paraguay is just 7km from our hotel afterall.. Our guide didnt seem too interested in the prospect even after me indicating Id go myself. The main reason apart from it being unsafe and the main source of smuggled illegal drugs and weapons from over the river was Nats lack of Visa. Australian passport holders are MEANT to get a preapproved $200US Visa prior to arrival.. or may pay a $50bribe if noted basically.. Security and checks over the bridge into Paraguay is lax at best, pretty much non existant. Dutch passport holders are visa free everwhere in South America. Well we made it through no issues, got a couple snaps of the bridge into Paraguay, ... read more
Bridge into Ciudad del Este Paraguay
Ciudad del Este Paraguay
Entering Ciudad del Este Paraguay

South America » Paraguay » Asunciòn November 23rd 2015

We spent the day in asuncion looking around the city which is an old city with beautiful old buildings and quaint craft markets selling traditional Paraguayan goods. It's very colourful and vibrant as well as being rather classical in its building style. I was keen on buying a nanduti which is a colourful handmade lace decoration but when I found them they were made out of a coarser material than I had envisioned. It's a fairly small city of around 500,000 with a young vibrant population. After catching up on some washing etc we went to the supermarcardo and bought some nice chilean wine, blue cheese and crackers and olives and went to Deane's room (coz he had the best balcony) and met up with the others while we watched the sun set behind Asuncion's city ... read more
View from Deane's balcony
Lovely afternoon

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