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April 28th 2012
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A wonderful angle...
It's raining, it's pouring, today is gonna be boring...

We went out to the forest this morning and it started raining with a bit of thunder...but then it got reeeally heavy so we headed back. I was hoping the rain would get worse so we could head back though. I was thinking too much out there. It's frikkin deadly here and I know that, but being left with my brain for too long leads me to think silly things. All this 'what if' business.. It's just a waste of time and makes everything very confusing and annoying and it's all very unnecessary! But I can't help it when I have very little else to think about when I'm chopping away for hours. And its hard to have a chat while machete-ing because ya can't hear the other person. So yeah I was happy enough to leave and have a nice hot shower when I came back.
I was tired too because I stayed up late last night (half 12 would you believe it?!?! haha! So strange that midnight may as well be 4 in the morning compared to the usual routine at home..) talking to Augusta and Rich eating Rich's attempted merainge (I can't spell that word) which were simply sugary egg which led me to get a bit hyper. But yeah we had the usual talk about food and sex.
The conversations here just go back and forth between food and sex...and back to food...and then again to sex....and oooh yummy food....oh and sex! There are sometimes other topics that get discussed during the day but once dinner is over it reverts back to sex and food. And the later it gets and the more people that dwindle off to bed, the more it turns to just being about sex. You'd swear we were never going to get it again!
But back to food... Yeah there's lots of food we're all craving. I can't wait to eat some pesto and cheddar cheese! And ice-cream! Karina made some damn good banana cake yesterday actually. YUM! With dulche...But in general the food is grand here. Sometimes it's kinda dire but mostly it's grand. And then the odd time we get something we all really enjoy. We got some fusilli pasta the other day and thought we were in heaven. We're so used to the string spagettii that a different shape felt like such a treat. I know it's the same stuff but it just...was different! We get the stringy pasta almost every day for at least one meal...
So yeah now everyone except Nick and Noah are at home. Poor Nick and Noah have to check all of their Sherman traps every morning no matter what the weather.
Oh we are playing a game of secret friends. So everyone's names got put in a hat and we each picked one and now that person is our secret friend. We have to do nice things for them but not make it obvious. So far I have been as subtle as a brick... Not surprising at all for me in fairness! But yeah Nick is my secret friend and I gave him a headrub and offered to get up and do something for him the other day.... He has said that he knows he's my secret friend but I denied it and pointed out that I made hot drinks for everyone else and gave Noah a headrub.... But yeah I can't lie!! Haha! So now my plan of action is to do nice things for someone else specifically and play it cool with Nick for a bit... I like this game!!
I need to come up with some sort of games to help me learn Spanish. i'm failing miserably at learning. I put up a few signs around the house the other day to help us all learn the words for household objects. But yeah it's not reall gonna do a whole lot.
The local kids speak Guarani most of the time so it's hard to learn from them. Also they're quite shy. But they're nice! After kayaking one day with Dec and Rich we found the girls playing in the lake and we all played together. It was great craic and it felt like we were becoming part of the community here, which is just great! I would also like to learn Spanish so that I can go and tell Conché to turn his stupid music down. He turns it on so early and it goes on till late at night. And all we can hear at the house is the bass... And it's the same damn beat aaaaaall day long!! dumba dumba dumba dumba.... GRRAAAAGH!!!

Oh also just to note - I did all those things I said I would yesterday. Wohoo!! Getting better flexibilty and core strength here for sure.. Pity all the carbs are causing huge amounts of fat to build around the new muscle.. Fantastic! I've really gotta cut down the portions.
So it's still raining and will be for the forseeable future so I won't be going for a run or anything but I will juggle and do some stretching and stuff.. I also gotta get crackig on some housekeeping jobs. We all got some new jobs to do and mine include varnishing (not today), collecting firewood (not today either) and sewing up new mammal/reptile bags. So I have a bit of one of those done and I'll finish that today and maybe do another one...



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