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South America » Paraguay » Pilar April 1st 2006

Pilar is where Paul works as a Peace Corps Volunteer. It is a nice little town, the capital actually of the Ñeembucú department (a political unit similar to a state). There is a museum there dedicated to the War of the Triple Alliance (when Paraguay fought Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, although the latter was at that time a puppet of Brazil). There are also sculptures, mostly of birds, on the streets. Pilar’s largest employer is the textile factory located on the Paraguay River. Cerrito is a smaller town about 3 hours from Pilar. It is located along the Paraná River. It features a beach (with cows), a hill, a one building naval base, giant frogs, the world’s most vicious dog and half of the mosquitoes in South America. The bus from Cerrito back to Pilar leaves ... read more
Horse Cart
One of the Bird Sculptures in Pilar
The Church in Pilar

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